How to Focus Faster And Get Into The Flow State Easily

Are you wondering to know how to focus faster on your work?

Are you spending too much time to start working?

Are you struggling to "get into the flow state" in your work?

How to focus on your work is a common problem nowadays. Before the Internet age, there're lesser distractions and slower flow of information around the world.

The information can only spread around through the local newspaper. In addition, at that age people are not as wealthy as now age. They don't have computer, smart phone, Gameboy, etc.

But now, distractions are everywhere. Almost every person has a Facebook account, every person heard about Twitter, and, Wifi is everywhere.

It's very hard to stay focus when you want to start on working. When work through halfway, you heard the sound of notification of your Facebook profile. So you naturally stop your work and check the notification. The interruption occurred, and you are hard to back to the focus mode on your work again.

It is not limiting on the Facebook. You may get distracts because of email, twitter, forum, online games, etc etc. 

This has made your productivity low. A task that can be done within 2 hours you may spend 5 hours to finish it. It's very unproductive and waste a lot of time.

Therefore, it's essential to learn the skills of how to focus in order to double your productivity. When you focus on your work deeply, you will taste the feeling of "in the flow state" and feel content after working.

I personally have to deal with many tasks everyday. Therefore, I'm keen on finding ways to refine my working style to improve the productivity. If you have focusing problem, then you need to learn how to focus faster so you won't delay your work and be overwhelmed eventually.

How to focus faster and get in the flow state 

In fact, this is the exact process that I use to write this article. I make this as my routine before I start writing so I can finish the article faster. 

Having a clean work environment and desktop

This is the very first thing you have to do before you start working. A clean and clutter-free work environment is important to allow you fully focus on your work.

Lets imagine, if your work environment is something like this. Do you think you can fully focus and ignore the environment?

Take sometime to clean up your work environment. This won't take you a long time to do it. Normally you will have a clean work environment in 10 minutes.

Have some coffee

Why many people like to drink coffee before they work? This is because caffeine is useful when you want to focus on your work. Caffeine can boost your mental focus and concentration. 

However, don't consume too much coffee. Once you are used to coffee consumption, the effect of helping you focus will be less. The same dose of caffeine, but less effect. Just have some coffee before you work on important task.

Get a little pumped up before start working. 

Before start working I will listen to some music, watch some motivational videos, read some motivational quotes, review my goals, visualize the future, etc etc to get my mood easier to work. 

I personally like to watch some motivational videos on Youtube, and drink coffee while watching. It's very suitable for me, because I like videos. I like reading too, but I don't like to read before I writing. I feel reading I need to use more eyes and brain's energy to interpret the words. So I avoid reading before writing. It's just my style. Do what works for you.

Write out your objectives

Before each work session, I always write out my objectives. So then I can ensure what kind of the result I want at the end of work. I make sure I won't go wrong direction and create the wrong result. For instance, before I write this article, I write down " I want to finish an article about how to focus in 2 hours."

If I didn't write down the objective, I may end up my time with doing irrelevant stuff like doing research on something else. I write down the objective right after watching some motivational videos. So I'm full of energy when getting my objectives clear, and can ready to work. 

Listening to something in the background 

After writing the objectives, it's the time to work. You can listen to something in the background. I like to listen to white noise type of sound during my work. However, some people don't like to listen to anything during they work. I'm not always listening to sound either. It depends on the situation and my mood that day.

60/60/30 method 

So now enter the part of how to focus on your work. It's a system I use every time when working, which is 60/60/30 method.

I have mentioned this in my previous article the best time management system before, but it's worth to mention again.

After doing the routine before start working (clean the work environment, drink coffee, get pumped up, write down objectives and listen to something),

I use a timer to setup 50 minutes and then start working. During these 50 minutes, there's nothing in your mind, except one thing, focus on writing down the article!

No distractions and no excuses allowed during these 50 minutes, write until the time's up. After 50 minutes, take 10 minutes break. During these 10 minutes you can stretch your body, check your Facebook, etc etc. The main point is you get a small break before continuing your work. So, this is how your first 60 minutes spent.

After the 10 minutes break, just start my second 50 minutes writing session. The same thing repeats over again, only focus on writing and ignore everything else, until the article is finished or time's up. After two 60 minutes session, I would take 30 minutes break. During these 30 minutes, I may have a small meal if I'm hungry. Otherwise, I would take 20 minutes power nap to restore my energy.

This is how the 60/60/30 method works. And this helps me fully focus on my work.

When I was started to use this method, I can't focus during my first 50 minutes. And I distract or procrastinate, at the end nothing has done. Therefore, I would carry out the routine mentioned above before implementing the 60/60/30 method.

What else you can do 

There's something else you can do for helping you focus on your work. To get the best result, you should implement all of them.

Consistent morning routine

You should carry out morning routine  consistently. Every morning is the start of your day. If you make your morning in the right tune, the rest of your day will be fine. Read: Formulate your morning routine if you want to be productive

Empty your mind

Sometimes, your brain is in chaos and you just simply cannot focus on your work even though you have tried my way of how to focus faster in this article. You get overwhelmed and burnout because too many things to do. If it's that situation, then I recommend you take a travel to release your stress a while. If you can't travel at this moment, then check out my ultimate guide to empty your mind

Rewards & Punishments

When you set rewards and punishments you will be more serious on getting things done. For instance, you set a reward if you finish your work, you can go dating with your girlfriends; if you fail to finish your work, you can't have ice-cream for 2 months. ( set rewards and punishments that appeal to you, don't simply copy mine)

Change your environment

Sometimes, even though your work environment is clean, you still cannot focus on your work. But if you switch your work environment, you perform better. 

Occasionally, I write at a coffee shop, sometimes in my room, and a few times at sitting room. Switching work environment helps me to focus on finishing my work.

What is your strategy to focus on your work? 

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