The Secret to Live Financially Freedom

Do you want to become financially freedom?

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Why you want to reach financial freedom?

In fact, financial freedom means different things to different people. Some people think that earning money more than their monthly expenses is financial freedom. Some people think that they don't need to concern over money issue with earning much is financial freedom. Some people think that having more time to do their things is financial freedom. 

In short, every people's perspective of financial freedom is not the same. If you want to live financially freedom, you must define what does financial freedom mean to you.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Many people think that to reach financial freedom, they need to earn as much as they can, these guys will never experience financial freedom. In fact, financial freedom is primarily a psychological matter. It's not just earning as much as you can, financial freedom is not just about finances.

To experience financial freedom, gratitude is the key. How do you feel about what you already have? Through the sense of gratitude, you'll realize you already have the resources that you need to reach financial freedom. Successful people always adopt a deep sense of gratitude, whereas unsuccessful people tend to embrace a strong sense of entitlement.

Wealth is a mindset, it's not just mean more money, it's about a sense of gratitude for what you already have such as relationship, time, love and despite obstacles and challenges. 

Financial freedom is about a greater sense of wealth — you have the ability to do what you want, with whom you want, be where you want, when you want, without being worried the money issue. When you're living financially freedom, you feel abundant, truly alive, joy, happiness and grateful for your life. 

There're many people thought it's about what level of richness you want to reach. But when they reach that goal, they don't feel wealthy, a sense of abundance. So they'll aim for the next higher level goal, the more they earn, the more feeling of hollow within them.

They don't know what they truly want, so they don't appreciate what they got, and willing to  take more. To give is to take, before you receive something, you have to give out things you can give. 

This is how our universe works, after you give things out, universe will give you what you want. You want to know what you want, and appreciate the resources that now you have.

The preparations you need to live financially freedom

What do you really want?

After you get your financial freedom mindset right, you want to figure out what do you really want. What are your goals? Why you want to achieve your goals? What kind of lifestyle you want after 5 years later? What is your life purpose?

Go and get a quiet place without any distractions. Close up your eyes, breath deeply and relax your body. Feel all your body are relaxed, then let your brain start to imagine the kind of lifestyle that you want to live after five years. 

Let the imagination be as more specific as you can, what job you're working, what shirt you're wearing, what life skills you learned, what kind of partner you're with. There's no limitation for the imagination. Anything you can perceive, you can get it. 

You want to fully focus on what you want. When you're thinking about your future, it's probably that negative thoughts will always pop up in your mind. Don't let them influence you, focus on your goal and weed out any negativity that pops up in your brain regularly.

Challenge your belief system

All people have their own belief system which helps them to perceive world. Beliefs can group into two types – empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs. Empowering belief is positive, it helps you to improve yourself. Whereas limiting belief is negative, it will be holding you back from being successful. See also: What are limiting beliefs?

Once you discover you have limiting beliefs, you want to bend or eliminate it, so it won't blocking your way to be successful. Firstly, you figure out what kind of limiting beliefs you have, then use empowering belief to replace it. Empowering beliefs normally are opposite to your limiting beliefs, it's easy to figure out which empowering belief you'll need to adopt.

After that, collect evidences to support your empowering beliefs. And repeat those evidences again and again until it's internalize in your brain. See also: how to eliminate limiting beliefs. 

If you seriously want to become financially freedom, then you must be willing to breakthrough your comfort zone. If you don't remove your limiting beliefs (comfort zone), staying in your comfort zone, you'll never achieve financial freedom.

Believing there is an answer to every problem

In the journey working toward financial freedom, you'll face this and that kind of problems. This is normal, you're not only going to make more money, but also finding balance between your inner world and outer world, through this process you're going to more understand yourself, more gratitude, feel more a sense of freedom. When your inner and outer world are balance, you'll find happiness.

This will be consuming lots of time and efforts. You can expect there're many obstacles and barriers in front of you. But you must believe you can cross over them. If you're truly know where you want to go, you really want to be financially freedom, with great desire and intensity, you'll find the way out. 

Everything will find the way out. You must be believing there is an answer to every problem, you will always find a solution. Don't care about the ups and downs, focus on your goal, you only need to know are you on correct direction.

Don't critic yourself or care other's criticism

People most likely to blame themselves if they don't perform well. However, this is the world. Nothing is perfect and perfection is not the point. In fact, the best lessons you can learn are always from your personal failure. 

Understand that everything happened has a reason and a purpose. Failure is not a big deal, the matter is how you react and how you handle your fear. Don't be a perfectionist, your best lessons will be from your failure, so don't scare of failure. See also: how to overcome perfectionism

There're also many people will critic, judge and reject you for what are you doing. No matter how hard you're working, how good is your performance, there must be some people out there have varies of opinion of you. In fact, those criticism, rejection and judgement of you most of the time don't make sense. 

They are not you, they don't know what you're really thinking, what you're going to do, what are your goals. Don't let them Influence you even if they are your spouse, parents and friends. See also: 6 ways people wrongly judge you. 

Remember, just focus on your goals and think positively, eliminate those limiting beliefs hold you back.

Let go all your past

Many people get trapped by their past to reach financial freedom. They say they did try this and that before, but nothing works. Therefore, they go back to their initiate place — working in company for others. There're also some people have seen others who failed their own business, so they think working for others is safer. See also: Are you still working for others?

Remember, the past is over, don't care too much of it, instead find something to learn from your past. Besides, the future isn’t known yet, so you should not worry about your future too. You'd set long term goals so you have direction to follow but don't bother too much about the future. Past and future are out of your control.

The controllable moment is now, that’s important, that’s why it’s called the “present". Therefore, focus and decide what are you going to do to strive for your goals. Keep trying until you success. Success is a matter of number of tries.

Financial freedom is not a destination, but rather a journey. Enjoy your life, there's a lot of things more important than money such as family, loved one, friends and life. Be gratitude and always help other people, the more you give, the more you'll receive. 

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