How to Enhance Your Relationship Once You've Got Her

Having trouble to enhance your relationship once you've got her?

A lot of guys are not talented in the realm of dating and relationships, they try very hard to attract a girl to get her as a girlfriend, and fail miserably. 

In fact, men are born to attract women, the problem is they don't know the correct way to do this due to the feminized society. See the common problems with women

Therefore, many information are available online to teach you how to attract women such as PUA community, and this does help some guys in their loving relationships. They know how to attract and get women, but many of them still fail in their relationship even if they have a great start.

This is all because although there're many information on how to attract women, but there're still lack of paramount information on what you have to do once you've got her. 

These PUA learners are running out of canned materials after they established the relationship.

They can't hold the spark of attraction any longer after they've got her. Many guys face this problem, so there's a myth these guys believe - it's normal that sex wanes and less intense over time in a relationship.

If you choose an excellent women, not settled for someone less than just because she's the best option at that time, without doing anything harmful to your relationship, then the sex will never wane and less intense over time. 

Therefore, merely learn how to attract women is definitely not enough for you to having a great loving relationship. 

What to do to enhance your relationship once you've got her?

Many guys successfully attract their dream woman but later they become unattractive to her. Women feel bad because you are not the same as before (incongruent) and automatically this lead to resentment and doubt. 

In the followings I'll reveal to you 3 things you have to know to enhance your relationship once you've got her. There're 3 solid facts you must know if you seriously want to prolong your relationship as long as you want.

Disagreements and miscommunications are natural

Men and women are different, their ways to think and to feel things are different. Not to mention that they are two different individuals, each has different beliefs, past experiences, and growth path. Therefore, it's normal that disagreements and miscommunication exist in your relationship, they're natural.

It's natural to disagree and give your own opinions in a communication, but it's not natural to fight though. Fighting is poison for any relationship. Since you want to be a mature man, fighting should never be your option to solve problems. 

When you have different views with your partner, you have to use your wisdom to discuss with her, lead her, and make the best decision.

You don't want to deliberately against her opinions to show her you're the leader. Obviously, resentment and doubt are bad for your relationship.

In addition, you are the one who chose to be with this woman. Do you believe in yourself that you've chosen a great woman? If the answer is yes then why can't you just tolerate with her for sometimes? Sometimes it's a bigger loss to win an argument.

Forget about the relationships are equal

Many people have been brainwashed to believe that relationships are equal, this is totally wrong. In a relationship, men have to lift more burden and have more responsibilities than women simply because they're 'Men'. 

You are a man, a leader who leads woman to experience better lifestyle. Therefore, you have to maintain your stability so your woman think that you're trustable. You want to be a man who can be relied and be trusted by her. If you can't maintain your stability, then you'll have big trouble.

You can be unattractive if you are incongruent. For example, you become insecure due to the fear of losing her, you become needy because you want more connection. Such changes are leading your relationship to an end eventually. Why?

This is because your incongruent behaviors imply to her that you can't be trusted. If a man can't be trusted, woman don't feel secure and safe around him, then she will leave him eventually.

Some guys think that keeping her happy in the relationship can make her feels secure for the relationship, they will capitulate for some important issues simply want to 'keep her happy'. 

Well, keep her happy is not a good strategy in the long run, in such situation she becomes the leader to lead you instead of you lead her. You become a man who is 'not man enough' surely it's destructive for your relationship.

Never ever be needy

Many guys mistakenly terminate their relationship because they're needy. 

They're very confident in themselves, flirt with her all times and act like a leader. However, when the woman is not as intense as before, they start to feel insecure and act needy.

Being needy and clingy will turn your woman off, there's no quicker way to make her leave you. The reason you are being needy is because you're expecting you'll lose her, you're expecting failure. You will become sensitive to anything about her, and always want to be with her.

In this case, you lack of solid self confidence. You don't have solid confidence that you can sustain the relationship and keep her with you. You don't have solid confidence that you're the man she meets the best ever. So you think that you're extremely lucky to have this woman in your life, it's impossible for you to meet another woman like her in future. See also: 10 kinds of self confidence that attract women

You must overcome this mindset if you really want to enhance your relationship. Build your solid self confidence, this is the root problem of neediness. See also: limiting beliefs about love

Women have good sixth sense, they can catch the subtle mood and message in your words and actions. If you're pretending you're confident, she knows it immediately. Therefore, you must eliminate the limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs so you can build solid self confidence.

If you don't build the solid self confidence, you'll always have the motivation (fear) to act needy and clingy. Seriously don't neglect it.

Here're some temporarily tactics for you to deal with neediness. 

Don't care about the 'future' like she'll leave you or not. Instead, just focus on 'present moment'. Fully experience and enjoy the relationship with her and ignore the future, just don't bother with it.

Furthermore, don't give too much attention to her. Instead, give more attention to yourself. When your mind focuses on her you subconsciously hope that she will do things within your expectation. This will turn you become a 'control freak', this is completely different with 'in control'. 

What you should do is focus on your mission, your dreams, and your goals. Constantly improve yourself, be better and better. When you know you're good, you'll have confidence in yourself, and women will know that you're reliable and trustable, so you'll never need to worry she'll leave you. Non-neediness is one of the core elements of a successful relationship. You can take my words for it. 

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