The Ultimate Guide to Emptying Your Mind Rapidly

Emptying your mind is important to maintain you life balance.

Do you feel you have many works to do?
Do you feel difficult to absorb new information and knowledge?
Do you think there are many burdens on your shoulder and make you feel very stressed?

If these questions are appealing to you, then you must feel suck for your life now.

You may even feel that your life is a mess so you want a new life instead of the one that you are owning now.

This kind of feeling is very popular nowadays.

Therefore, you want to learn how to empty your mind.

Emptying your mind is a mindset that allows your mind to return to the 'zero state'.

When you're feeling bad for your life, that means now in your brain is chaos and full of distracting thoughts.

When your mind is not stable and calm you can't handle your life well.

The worst is, you may feel bad about yourself.

You think you're suck and this results in the feelings of guilt and depression.

If you know how to empty your mind, you can release all these bad feelings and burdens from your chaoful mind.

Let me explain to you by an analogy, your mind is like a balloon.

Emptying your mind is like releasing the 'negative emotions gas' from your balloon. If the gas continuously pumps into the balloon, the balloon will blow out eventually. If you know the way to release the "negative emotions gas", then your balloon will be free from the emotional suffers.

Therefore, if you empty your mind, you can protect yourself from the distracting thoughts and negativity. So you can get your life back on the right track.

When your mind is in the 'zero state', your mind is free from any negativity and chaos thoughts, you will absorb new information and knowledge faster and easier because there's no obstacles in your mind to block new knowledge flowing in.

When do you need to empty your mind?

Now you know that it's important to learn empty your mind.

But do you know that when do you need to empty your mind?

The are several symptoms letting you know it's the time to clear your mind.

1. Overwhelming 

If you always feel overwhelmed then it's obviously that you need to clear your mind.

Overwhelming is caused by a lot of work to do at the same time.

There're many reasons can lead to this situation.

Maybe you are bad at managing your time, you delay your works to the last minute, you don't know how to set your goals, you don't have self-confidence and others.

No matter what the reason is, there's one common thing which is your brain is paralyzed.

You feel no mood to do your work because you're overwhelmed.

To back to the energetic state, you have to empty your mind.

2. Procrastination

When you procrastinate your task, you feel bad about yourself.

Procrastination makes your mind confused and chaotic.

Especially when there is too much work are accumulated around the deadline.

When you find you always procrastinate your work you need to empty your mind.

Procrastination is a source of  bad emotions and distracting thoughts. Understand the reasons why you procrastinate your tasks and deal with them

3. Low productivity

Low productivity has many kinds of causes.

For examples, you're not doing things in correct ways, you're not motivated, you don't know how to manage your time and the list goes on.

However, low productivity makes you feel resentful. And this resentful feeling can lead you to blame things. Everything.

For instance, when a person doesn't finish his tasks on time and feels resentful, chances are he starts to blame things and people. "Don't talk to me! please!", "Stay away from me!!", "Can you quiet !?!", "Shut up!!", "Stupid pen!!" 

If he doesn't know how to make his mind peaceful, aka empty his mind, he will bring negativity not only to himself but also to things and people around him.

If this is your case, it's obvious that you need to clear and reset your mind.

4. Low motivation

If you are not motivated to work, your mind must have missing puzzles.

These puzzles are your BIG WHY. Why you want to work?

The BIG WHY is the source of motivation, the thing that keeps pushing you forward, the thing that reminds you the life you most wanted.

No matter how, low motivation is one of the symptoms that your mind is not sure about yourself - What do you want in your life?

Therefore, you want to reset your mind to the 'zero state' and get rid of the distracting thoughts to ask yourself - What's your life purpose?

You must know your mission in life.

If you don't have a clear, achievable and visualizable vision and mission of your life, you won't be motivated and excited for your life.

A peaceful mind is essential to discovering your life purpose.

The guide to emptying your mind

So you may now want to ask, how to empty your mind?

In fact, "emptying your mind" is a kind of mindset. It is about how you analyze and perceive the reality which allows you to remove the negativity that are holding you back on making progress. 

For example, lets said your mind is a cup, and your negativity and distracting thoughts are water.

When the cup is full of water, you can't pour any liquid into the cup. The water will overflow out of the cup if you keep pouring in anything. That's why you can't absorb new knowledge and information if your brain is chaotic. 

You want to pour out the water (clear your mind) so you only are able to put new things in it and keep energetic.

You see, all these are about how you think, all these are about your beliefs.

You want to remove all limiting beliefs that are holding you back to maintain your brain in the calm state. See also: how to change your limiting beliefs

Even though emptying your mind is all about your 'mind work'. Action will also alter your mind.

For examples: Even if you're not confident, but as you start to act confidently, you can be confident. Even if you're not brave, but as you start to behave bravely, you'll know it's nothing to fear about.

Therefore, in the following are some action plans that allows your mind 'returns to the zero'.

Take action now if you have any symptoms above.

1. Let go your yesterdays

First of all, have a deep breath, breath slowly.

Feel your lung is full with the air you inhale, and exhale out slowly.

Feel like your burdens and negativity are breathing out along with the carbon dioxide.

You want to allow yourself to let go the bad feelings. More specifically, you allow yourself to let go all your yesterdays. 

Yesterdays are yesterdays, they're the past.

When you decide to empty your mind, you must allow yourself to forget all your past.

Don't keep reminding yourself your problems, don't keep reminding yourself your burdens.

Just let them go.

Let go your overwhelming, procrastination, low motivation and productivity problem, they are your yesterdays.

2. Sleep well

After the first step you try to relax yourself and let go all the past that are holding you back, you want to restore energy psychically and mentally.

Go to your bed on that night early and get a good sleep without any distraction.

Don't think about your problems and your past on your bed, just feel relaxed and think nothing.

Your entire body is relaxed. You feel your shoulders don't have pressure at all and your entire body sinks into the bed. Have the deep breath and just have a nice dream.

I've written an article on how to sleep better. You need a quality sleep at this point. 

3. Today is a new day

The next day when you wake up, the first thing you want to tell yourself is, today is a new day.

Which means that, from today, your everything is new.

Your job is new, you girlfriend is new, your life is new, nothing is old.

Even if your task is a former task, you want to perceive it as a new task. And think as it's the first time you do it.

Never bring over your past bad feelings to the present situation.

Today is a new day.

4. Reset your settings and properties 

As now your mind is already in the 'zero state', you have to do some adjustment to your mind's settings and properties.

Your mind has been lost control due to your mind is too disorganized and lousy.

Now your mind is in the 'zero state', it's the best time for you to customize your mind and fill things in it.

Your life is formed through your mindset. If your mind is disorganized, your life will also be disorganized.

So how to set your mind's settings and properties?

Firstly you want to tackle the symptoms mentioned above - overcome your procrastination, overwhelm and motivation issues and increase your productivity.

All these need to be done by knowing yourself. The more you connect your inner-self, the more effective you can reset your mind's settings and properties.

Besides that, you want to improve yourself constantly.

Constant improvement helps you to create more and more quality properties so you can become a better person. For examples: build your self-confidence, learn how to attract women, how to do your own business, etc.

5. Focus

After you reset your mind and commit to constant improvement, the rest of it is only one thing which is 'focus'.

You must focus only on the important things instead of those unimportant things such as playing Facebook while you need to do your work.

Otherwise, you can back to the disorganized state and your mind become lousy again. That time, you'll need to empty your mind again. 

In fact, your mind is inevitable to become lousy as the time goes by and more and more information flow in.

You'll need to empty your mind regularly and this is GOOD for you.

But if you're not focus on your plan and constant improvement, your 'empty mind' effects cannot stand longer as it should be. 

Therefore, just focus on the things that you need to focus.

Mind operating system

When your mind is empty you feel you work with relax and smooth.

When the symptoms appear, you started feel your mind is full of distracting thoughts and chaos, you will know it's the time for you to take action emptying your mind.

Your mind is the same as a computer system.

Your mind operating system such as Windows and IOS will become unstable and respond slowly after you used sometimes.

At this time, you have two option - One is run your antivirus software to detect if any malware and virus is installed and eliminate them from your system. The another option is you reformat the whole system so your system becomes entirely new.

These two options have the same effect - turn the system into the 'zero state'. No virus, no malware, no wrong properties and settings, and no factors that slow down the system.

The system is free from bugs.

Therefore, your mind operating system is like a new machine. Operate faster, more accurate and stand longer. 

This is exactly the effects of 'emptying your mind'.

You want to clean all things that slow you down and downgrade your accuracy. Therefore, you mind will be entirely 'new'.

Do you get my point? 

Start taking action today.

Let go all your past and have a nice dream tonight, tomorrow is a new day. Reset all your bad settings and properties, get rid of the negative emotions and have a correct mindset then focus on your new life. Don't forget to constantly improve yourself.

Understand that it's normal that your mind becoming chaos as time goes by. You will need to empty your mind regularly.

When "emptying your mind" becomes a routine, a ritual, a habit to you, your perspective on life is changed. Every day for you is a new day.

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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