Did I Really Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

Did I eliminate limiting beliefs?

How can I know my limiting beliefs are removed?

Are you asking such questions and feeling confused how to make sure there are no limiting beliefs holding you back?

Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that holding you back to be successful. You can't achieve your goals if your beliefs are not aligning or conflicting with your goals.

They're just like the roadblocks blocking your way to the destination that you want to go.

Therefore, they as the barriers in your journey toward being successful must be removed so you can only walk in your way without self-doubts and confident.

How to eliminate limiting beliefs?

In my previous articles I've explained how were limiting beliefs formed and how to eliminate them

So you have tried to put efforts into eliminating the limiting beliefs, but how do you make sure that your limiting beliefs have been eliminated? 

Following are a practical and easy guide to check your limiting beliefs disappear or not.

  • Feel in real life situation
  • Scale your feelings 
  • Still have problems
  • I'm a monkey

Read on the below.

1. Feel in real life situation

After you continually work on yourself to remove those unwanted beliefs, you'll want to make sure are them removed.

Perhaps you already knew, most limiting beliefs are created in your childhood, they're not that easy to eliminate by overnight. 

Your childhood is your past experience. Our intelligence brain is working with the stuff that involved thinking, and your past experience are always linked with the outcome.

In other words, your brain is always working with your past experience subconsciously; when you want to make a decision, your decisions always make based on your past experience.

For instance, you want to eliminate the fear feelings that to give a public speaking on the stage. So you learn the needed skill and practice and tell to yourself repetitively that you do really have the ability to give a speech on stage. 

You collect the compliments that given by other people as the evidence to prove your ability and repeat them so they will internalize in your brain. Eventually, you'll remove the limiting beliefs that you can't speak on stage.

As mentioned before, your brain will always recall your past events subconsciously from your current circumstances.

Next time when you talk on stage, chances are your brain automatically recalls your past failure experience and your fear feelings will arise. So your limiting beliefs that you can't give a nice speech on stage will appear again.

Therefore, before you step on the stage, you have to imagine the future event instead of recall the past failure event. Imagine how good is your performance on the stage after you remove the limiting beliefs. 

You're speaking very well, with slow and deep tone; reflect that you're so confident about your speaking. It's exactly the same as the circumstances that you practice alone. Imagine and really feel those feelings in your real life situation.

When or before you step on the stage, recall the imagined future event instead of recall your past event.

If you cannot imagine that feelings, then the limiting beliefs are not eliminated. You have to improve yourself continuously.

2. Scale your feelings

When you imagine how you feel about your future event in order to check out are your beliefs removed, you can scale your feelings.

Let’s say with the example above, you want to remove the fear feelings of giving a speech on stage; you could imagine how you feel when you step on the stage in real life situation.

After that, you rate your levels of fear with a scale of 1-10, 1 being no fear at all and 10 being scary.

If you have eliminated your beliefs, then your rating should be at 1-2. If it's at 7 and above, then you must realize that your beliefs are never eliminated yet. 

Always rate your feelings of your imagined future event to check out your eliminating progress. So you'll know how much you haven't done to achieve your goals yet.

3. Still have problems

Sometimes you have a feeling that you've eliminated your limiting beliefs, you really feel so, but you still cannot get rid of the fear feelings.

You feel seem like the wrong belief is removed, but at some level you feel not right to the case. 

For instance, you are sure that your fear of public speaking is bye-bye already.

But you still feel uncomfortable when you're on the stage - you still lack self-confidence to speak publicly.

Chances are, this is because you're not only having one limiting belief - fear of public speaking - there are still other limiting beliefs that bother you.

For example:

I'm fear to speak because I failed once.
I'm too caring about how others see me.
I don't believe I can.
I don't have good looks.
Blah blah blah

If you want to be successful on the stage to speak publicly, then you have to eliminate each negative belief.

For sure eliminate just one of them definitely will help you relieve some bad feelings. However, that's not enough for you to overcome the fear feelings.

4. I'm a monkey

This is an interesting method for you to determine whether you get rid of the limiting beliefs or not.

Say this to yourself, "I'm a man." if you're a man, "I'm a woman." if you're a woman. And then, say this to yourself "I'm a monkey."

How does it feel like when you say you're a man or woman?

And how does it feel like when you say you're a monkey?

You'll feel the “you're a man or woman” statement is a true statement, while the monkey statement is a false statement.

This is a good test when comes to testing your limiting beliefs.

Compare the feelings when you're testing with your beliefs, are them feel right for you?

Do you feel your beliefs statement is true or false? 

When you say "I'm not fear at all to give a speech on stage.", if it feels like when you say 'you are a man or woman', then congrats to you, your false and negative beliefs are gone.

In contrast, if it sounds weird like you are a monkey, then your beliefs are still with you.

This method does not perfectly help you in detecting your limiting beliefs, but it's still a good method to determine are you getting rid of the limiting beliefs.

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