Does Money Attract Women? How to Attract Women If You're Not Rich?

Does money attract women?
Can you still attract women if you don't have much money?
Why money attracts women?

A lot of guys believe that women are attracted to money. Those men who are not rich would believe they have no advantages compare to rich guys to attract and get women like them. Moreover, there're many evidences show that women would prefer richer men provided that other criteria are constant.

So, is this real that women are attracted to money?

To explain this, we would need to see the nature of attraction. Well, according to the study in evolutionary biology, men and women are playing different roles in society. In primitive tribe, basically men are playing role as hunter and leader to obtain foods for tribe and lead people for tribe management. In contrast, women are playing role as caregiver and follower in the tribe.

This means that women will be attracted to men who are leader. Normally a leader is able to make more money than those people who are follower.

Furthermore, our genetics have coded us how we choose our mate. Men can produce lot of sperms at once whereas women only produce an ovum one time. Men have less risks than women in choosing mate because their supplies (sperm) are more than women's supplies (ovum). 

This results in women are more picky than men, they need to feel secured to the men because they have higher risk in choosing mate. It's not men choose women instead it's women choose men.

Therefore, after years of evolution influenced by roles and genetics, women's brain are biologically wired hard to be attracted to men who are able to give a sense of safety and security for them. In other words, women are programmed to be attracted to resourceful men. Wealthy man is a resourceful man.

A man who is resourceful is believed by women he's able to provide her good things such as better lifestyle and good environment for their offspring. Therefore, the answer is definitely sure that women are attracted to money.

Can you attract women if you don't have money?

Some people may feel disappointed for this statement because they're not rich people. Well, can you attract women if you don't have money? The answer is yes.

In fact, even though women are programmed to be attracted to resourceful men, it doesn't mean women must attracted to a man who is already wealthy. It's correct that women want a man who can give them a sense of safety and security, but that doesn't mean they want a man with lots of money.

A man who can give a sense of safety and security is utterly different with ordinary rich guy. Women like men who are masculine, mature, wise, thoughtful, decisive, know himself and other mature traits as these personality traits provide the respective sense. Therefore, if you can provide the sense to women, you can attract women naturally.

Does money attract women? (Hint: money is only a fast indicator)

Women are attracted to money simply because money is a fast indicator for women to know if he's reliable and trustable. Wealthy implies that he's a successful person and successful person has personality traits such as masculine and decisive that giving respective sense to women.

If you're rich, then in female eyes you're a successful person who can provide a sense of safety and security. So she'll know you're reliable and trustable. Money works as a fast indicator for women to know if you can let them feel safety and security or not. 

Therefore, in fact, what attracts women is not the money itself, instead women use money to indicate men who are seemingly successful people and women are attracted to this kind of men.

So how do you attract women if you're poor? You must show her your ambitious you want to achieve a great achievement in your life. You're not willing to continue live a poor life, so you give a lot of efforts to change your life. To do this you first need to understand yourself, what do you want in your life? What's your mission in life? If you don't understand these questions you'll never be successful in your life.

Women not only attracted to men who are wealthy but also attracted to men who are potential to be successful. If you are ambitious, know what you want in your life, and you turn these desires to action, your attraction for women is irresistible.

Your woman told you she doesn't care about one's wealthy

If your woman said she doesn't care about one's wealthy, it is not because she wants to lie, it's just merely she didn't aware how her minds work. Therefore, don't settle for current situation if your lifestyle is not so good yet. Plan and design your life and then work hard for it.

This is not your woman's responsibility, but yours. If you don't set your goals you life will not change in future. Examine your life now, after 5 years will your life change in anyway if you continue living your life with current lifestyle? If your life is remain the same then you must aware that you need to set your goals, you need a change. 

If you want to be successful with women and your life, then you must breakthrough your comfort zone. Don't settle for your current situation, instead you want to know your life purpose and set goals to go after. Your attraction for women will be skyrocketed. 

Final words

Women are attracted to money but not necessarily attracted to money itself. Money is merely a fast indicator for women to choose a resourceful man because they want a sense of safety and security from their men. 

If you're not rich you can still attract women by showing your potential to be rich. Let her know you're ambitious, you know your life purpose and have goals to go after. If your woman told you she doesn't care one's wealthy not she wants to lie to you, she just didn't aware how her mind works.

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