Do Looks Matter When It Comes to Being Successful With Women?

Do looks matter to women?
Could you get women to like you if you don't have attractive appearance?
Not tall enough? Too fat? Weird face?

According to evolutionary biology, men's brain is programmed to be attracted to good appearance women. That's why men are naturally attracted to gorgeous and sexy women, they can't control themselves.

In my free ebook Relationships Made simple I've mentioned that men can produce millions of sperms at one time, whereas women can only produce an ovum every once. Therefore, men's reptilian brain is hard wired to spread more seeds in women as much as they can, but women's reptilian brain is hard wired to find only one reliable guy as her mate because women have higher risks in selecting mate.

Since women can only produce one ovum every once, they need to choose a guy who is worthy for them, this is why women are likely to play hard to get. They are natural to play this hard to get game, it's their instinct.

For men, good looks is an instant attraction for them. If a girl has good looks, men will be interested in that girl instinctively. An attractive woman has advantage when it comes to attracting men.

The reason why looks of a girl are matter for men is because looks are indicators of genetic and developmental health. Men are wired to spread more seeds in women, but they want to spread in healthy and with genetic advantages women. Men are able to validate a woman whether she's worthy or not by looking at her looks.

In other words, looks are fast indicators for men to choose high quality women. But women's mind is wired differently. They are wired to find a guy who is supportive, high status and resourceful, because they have to make sure the guy is able to take care of her and their babies.

Therefore, physical attractiveness is not at top priority for women when it comes to choosing a spouse. Instead, personality traits are more important. Examples of attractive personality traits are sense of humor, intelligence, passion, confidence, generosity, etc etc.

That's why you can see an attractive woman has an ugly boyfriend, this is because her boyfriend has these attractive personality traits. 

Do looks matter?

So, do looks matter? Am I telling you physical attractiveness isn't important for attracting women?

No, according to researches looks still do matter. If you have good looks it definitely helps in your dating and relationships. However, it's not a determining factor for her to be with you.

So, if you have good appearance, it's a good start for you. What if you are not handsome, then never mind, just accept it. Accept the fact that you are not handsome, it's not a big deal. 

However, don't imagine that you can attract women with wearing your 5 years old T-shirt, messy hair, and black teeth. Although looks are not at the top list for women, but you don't even have chance if you don't take care your appearance.

You aren't necessarily handsome, but you must take care of your appearance. If you are serious in success with women, then work a bit harder to improve your physical attractiveness. 

When you started to work on physical attractiveness, you'll be gaining self confidence about your looks. Chances are, you're not ugly, but you have wrong self-image of your appearance. You have wrong beliefs that women care about looks like men, so you don't feel confident even if your looks are better than average men.

Now you know the fact that women don't regard physical attractiveness as highly as men. And perhaps it's only your inappropriate self-image, not to mention that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You have to lose your fears about your looks.

Just do your best in your physical attractiveness. It's easier than you think, you just need to commit to yourself that you want to present your best self to her. Here're some actions that you can take:

Workout regularly
You should workout regularly to turn your skinny/fatty body into muscles. Basically, women like masculine man who is fit. That doesn't mean you want to be a bodybuilder, you just have to make yourself healthy. Not only do exercises regularly will improve your appearance, but also increase your productivity.

Get a haircut
You may never change your hairstyle for a long time already. It's the time to make a change. Go to get a haircut in salon, ask the barber what kind of hairstyle is trendy and suit you. If you have financial means, then go for an expensive hair salon, you want to be different with your before self.

Get rid of all unwanted hair
Get rid of all unwanted hair make you look sharp and imply you're someone who is caring of himself. For example, nostrils hair, beard, armpit hair, etc etc.

Change your accessories. This one sound easy and basic. You should be wearing more fashionable clothes, this easy step will change your impression instantly. However, don't blindly follow the fashion trend, you want to make sure what kind of feeling you want to present to others. For instance, if you want to present you're an energetic person, you could wear some sport suits.

Whiten your teeth
If your teeth is yellowish, chances are you're not confident to smile openly. Whitening your teeth can give you some confidence in order that you'll appear more attractive.

What matters?

As mentioned, women don’t judge men primarily on looks. So don't think that you can fix your dating and relationships problem by just changing your appearance. 

Even if you are the most handsome guy around her, she doesn’t feel any chemistry for you if you don't know how attraction works. Attraction is not a choice.

It’s not about how nice or respectable you are, in my previous article I explained being nice doesn't work. Nice guys always finish last, because women are attracted to personality traits that bad guys have. If you are a nice guy and not willing to behave like a jerk, no worry, you can still become a bad guy without being a jerk.

One of the personality traits that women like is a sense of humor. Women will think if you can laugh at the stresses of this world, then you can handle the difficulties that throw at you. If you know how to make women laugh, you get bonus points.

Basically, what matters for you in attraction world are status and resources. High status men are leaders, they lead women, they are assertive, they are confident, they know what they want, what they don't want, what they like, what they don't like, they have strong personal boundaries

You are resourceful when you're a quality man. Even if you're not resourceful currently, women know you will be. Women have the confidence that you can support and protect them in the long run. Women want to feel more feminine. When you appear masculine, she'll feel feminine.

Final words

You still can be successful with women even if you don't have good looks. But looks do matter, don't neglect to improve your physical attractiveness. You have to learn about the nature of love and how the attraction works.

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