How I Plan My Diet to Lose Weight

I plan my diet to lose weight since I've gained weight due to my inconsistent university lifestyle - eat supper with friends, eat desserts at outlets around campus, not getting enough sleep, etc. 

I gained 5 kg after one long 14 weeks semester due to my bad lifestyle. So I promise to myself that I have to find a way out to lose my weight and get fit. It's not only will increase your physical appearance but also will improve your health and productivity. I learn around here and there to see how to start my diet to lose weight. 

This article is about what I've learned on weight loss diet that works for me. It's very important for every person to look after his or her health. 

When I search ways to lose weight I found that your diet is 90% of the battle. There are many other ways such as do exercise but diet is more important than it. Exercise is a big part of being healthy, but if you neglect your diet, everything else will not work for you. 

Let's now see how I plan my diet for weight loss that works for me. I'm not a professional weight loss trainer, apply it if it works for you, otherwise don't. 

My diet to lose weight

Eat six times a day 

Normally we have three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, I have discovered it's recommended to double your meals for your daily diet plan. Which means you eat six times a day included breakfast, lunch and dinner. It looks like this - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.

Breakfast is a very important meal that you can't skip anyway. Since last night you've slept for a long time, your metabolism has been slower to burn fat. Your metabolism gets started right away once your stomach is full in order that your body burns fat normally and you become more productive.

Your breakfast gives you a kickstart of your day, and then you eat every 2-3 hours. I use 60/60/30 method to do my daily tasks, so I will have 30 minutes to consume a small meal after work hard, that would be my snack. However, meal frequency is not as important as quality and quantity of what you eat, some people would suggest to intermittent fasting. It depends on what works better for you. I would explain about what to eat at below.

Do exercise

The rate of burning fat is depending on your metabolism. If your metabolism is fast, you will burn more calories, then you will lose more weight. Inversely, slow metabolism will burn less calories than fast metabolism. Therefore, you want to speed up your metabolism to lose more weight. 

An overweight person doesn't have slower metabolism than normal people. However, a person with lots of body fat will have a slower metabolism if compare to a person with lots of lean muscle. In other words, your weight is irrelevant to metabolism, but your fat level does. 

According to research, every person should exercise 20 minutes to maintain his or her healthy. I exercise everyday to build more lean muscle so my metabolism will be faster and this helps to increase the efficiency of my weight losing plan.

Eat protein and good carbohydrates

Now comes to the key of this article, as mentioned above, 90 % of the battle is your diet. I have learned that there are two kind of food you have to consume if you want to lose weight, one is protein and one is good carbs. I will include the food list that you should consider to consume at below.

You have to consume more protein because protein is responsible to build your muscles, that's why bodybuilders would consume protein supplement. In other words, protein builds lean muscle for you so your metabolism will be faster. Thus you are able to lose more weight.

The examples of food that rich with protein are chicken, fish, meat, eggs, and almonds. Consume protein in your every meal especially your three primary meals.

Carbs is another kind of food that you have to consume because it gives your body the fuel it needs. However, not every carbs is good to consume. There are good carbs and bad carbs. Basically, good carbs are carbs that don’t raise blood sugar too high or too quickly such as ‘whole grain’ food.

Doesn't protein also give your body the fuel it needs? Yes, however, your body steals the protein for energy to burn calories so your muscle won't get build. Since your body doesn't build lean muscles your metabolism is hardly to improve. It's important to consume good carbs to fill in the energy you need.

Load up on vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are healthy for your body since they have very few calories and contain high portion of fiber. Vegetables and fruits are one of the good carbs you can consume. Stop eating the oily food instead eating more vegetables and fruits. 

Do you know paleo diet? Paleo diet is a diet pattern that eat like our ancestors which is no processed food but natural food. I consume protein and carbohydrates through paleo food so I consume sufficient nutrients but less calories. Ultimatepaleoguide was posted a paleo food list, you can start from here by picking one thing for protein and carbohydrates respectively from the list. 

After that, get used to your paleo diet and eat six times a day. You can come up with many paleo diet by different combination of paleo food.

Cut out the sugar drinks

I always drink sugar drinks in my university life because of hot weather and this led me to gain lots of weight. After doing the research I only realize that even if the drinks labeled with LOW FAT it doesn't mean it is healthy. If you carefully read the label you will find there're other kind of sugar added in your drinks. Sugar drinks are not paleo, skip it! Instead, substitute it with plain water and water will get your metabolism faster.

Here it is, my diet to lose weight. However, other than eating well there're certain things you can't neglect to guarantee your success to lose weight.

Eat less
Eating more than you should is one way to guarantee gain weight. Since you eat six meals a day should be able to cover the energies you need all day long. Initially I think eat only a small meal won't help me to feel "full", but after several days of practicing the diet plan my body get used to it and won't feel hungry anymore because my body learned the eating pattern and used to it.

Set realistic goal
For sure I don't think I could lose 5 kg by only practicing the diet plan for 3 days. However, many people don't be persistent until their body get used to the NEW eating pattern and tend to bounce back to the OLD one. Don't expect you see the result overnight, be realistic and set realistic goal so you won't feel frustrated when it doesn't perform like what you've expected.

Make small changes
If you are an aggressive fast food advocate then it's hard for you to suddenly cut off burger, French Fries, etc. Don't try to change your diet entirely from the day one, chances are it will backfire your diet plan because you may eat more snack that you should to fix the "full" feeling and since your body still doesn't get used to the diet plan it converts more calories into fat. Start by small, aim for big.

Don’t Use Supplements
I don't recommend to use supplements because most of the nutrients your body needs can get from paleo food. Moreover, many supplements have side effects and harmful to your body. Just stick to your paleo diet plan and avoid supplements.

Eat whatever the hell one day a week
It's not a big deal to free yourself one day a week to eat whatever you want. One day each week loose from your plan won't spoil your healthy and weight loss goal. I eat whatever I want at every Sunday such as McDonald, pastas, rice, white bread, etc.

Final words 

Let's recap what I've covered, you plan your daily paleo diet and ensure sufficient protein and good carbs are included in the daily diet plan. Besides, you should exercise to speed up your metabolism so your body burns calories faster. You should also cut off any kind of sugar drinks and drink more plain water. 

Be realistic, you must know that there's no instant success for losing weight. Set realistic goals and take small step each time. Don't use supplements to lose weight, it's not necessary if you strictly follow your diet plan. However, don't be too hard on yourself. It's okay to free yourself one day a week to eat whatever you want. This is my weight losing method and it works well for me. It gets different result with different people, try yourself and see the result! 

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