Design Your Life | The Secret to Be Successful

Did you ever design your life for the next 5 years?

Did you get into the roller coaster of endless training programs but not making any progress eventually?

Did you ever wonder why some people become successful while others don't?

Do you know the way to be successful?

All people wish to become successful, nobody is willing to become a failure in his life.

However, there're only a few of people achieve their goals and get the lifestyle they want. Most of them specifically 95% of them fail with guilt and regret eventually.

How could this be? Is it becoming successful is depending on one's luck? Is it because you're not hardworking enough? Is it because you've no capital to start? 

Well, the reason is not even one of them. You can be unlucky but still achieve what you want. You can fail even if you work harder than anyone else in the world. You still can be successful even if you are starting from scratch.

So, what's the secret to becoming successful?

To know the secret, you must know the big picture of how successful people go after their goals.

There're two stages successful people must pass through.

  • Stage 1: figure out what you want
  • Stage 2: work on the project until you succeed

Design your life before you do anything else

Is it really the path to becoming successful that simple?

Yes, it's really that simple.

But the problem is most people never go through and pass the stage 1 which is to figure out what you want to achieve in your life.

They do have some ideas about this, but most of them only have vague ideas and jump straight to the stage of how to make it works.

They don't think clearly what they want instead they think how to make things happen.

Doesn't it contradictive?

If you don't have the idea about what to achieve, what does "how to make things work" got to do with? 

It's like you don't know what are the functions should your robot has but you're thinking how to build the robot. Things just don't work in this way.

You have to know what you want in your life and design your life.

Every product must be designed first before they're created. If your house doesn't have a blueprint— how many rooms in it, how does it look like, etc, your house can't be built. 

If your house is built without a blueprint, I'll suggest you move to other places because it's very dangerous as it can collapse at any time.

Therefore, you want to design what you want before you do anything else. The mistake most people make is they didn't spend enough time to design their life. They go straight to build things without spend time designing it before. 

You can design your life exactly the way you want it to look like. There're only 5% of people become successful because the rest of them live their entire lives without a design.

Bring your design into reality

After designing the life that you want, successful people will work on their project until they succeed. Even though they fail many times, they'll keep trying until they get the way. 

This is how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He tried up to thousand times until he invented it. If he gives up after several times of failure, then we'll live in the dark every night. Success is a matter of number of tries. 

After you design your life, you want to work on your design and dreams. Just working on bringing your design into reality. Don't give up even though you meet obstacles, just overcome it or change another way to approach. 

Do you know the fact that successful people always have a solid self-confidence?

Some people think they can't have high achievement because they lack self-confidence. In fact, self-confidence can be built if you improve your skills; the more skills you master, the more confident you're.

It's the same as designing your life, the better design of your life, the more confident you're. Therefore, successful people don't have self-confidence issues, they don't have to work on building self-confidence because they're too busy making their dreams come true.

This is one of the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people, unsuccessful people always focus on the faults, whereas successful people only focus on their dreams.

Your thoughts are your world. Anything you can perceive it can be reality, your beliefs shape your reality. 

If you know what you want in your life, you'll find that your life is in control. Inversely, if you don't know what you want in your life, your life controls you.

Therefore, you must have the mindset that you want to control your life, so you design the life you want in order for you having a direction to strive to.

Success is inevitable when you have a design 

Remember, without designing your life no matter how hard you work on your life it just doesn't work at all. Success is inevitable when you have a design.

Sometimes, it's not people don't know the fact that they must design their life. Although many people know about this, there're still so few of them designed their life. Simply because they don't know what they want, this has a connection to how our society nurture us.

Our society has taught us a life model to follow and most people just simply follow it. The life model is like this, firstly, get great achievement in academic. After you graduated you find a big company to work with. Then working hard to win the promotion opportunity and raise salary. Marry someone and build family when comes to the age, and then continue to work until you're retired and depend on your pension for the rest of your life.

Why people choose this type of life? Is it really what they want? If not why they follow this model? Well, this is because this kind of life is what your parents taught you to get. Your school taught you to score good grade so you can get a high salary job when entering society. Your friend told you to study well instead of dreaming to start a business.

No people ever try to change the reality even they know they don't want this kind of life simply because people around them are doing the same thing.

They're willing to remain the same because other people are remaining the same. They don't want to be different with other people, so they stand all the dissatisfaction to make their life look like others. 

The society influences you to be a normal person. If you don't design your life, someone will design for you whether he is your friend, spouse, teacher or parent. They successfully programmed you not to dream and design your life as you been told it was wrong to dream.

In short

In short, to be successful you want to have a proper mindset to design your life, and work on your dreams until you succeed.

Success is just a matter of number of tries. Don't give up easily even though you fail several times, change the way to approach and try until you get it.  

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