How to Deal With Procrastination Effectively

How to deal with procrastination instantly?

Do you always delay your tasks even though you know those tasks are important?

Do you always delay your work although you've plenty of time to do it?

Do you wish to stop delaying your work and get things done?

Delaying behavior is a common trouble that many people have, this behavior has a negative impact to you productivity.

Your productivity is low if you always delay your work to last minute.

Productivity is the core problem that many people can't finish their tasks on time.

Therefore, you must overcome this delaying behavior which is so called procrastination if you want to be successful.

What is procrastination?

What is procrastination?

As mentioned above procrastination is a delaying behavior to do your work.

To more extent, people around seen you as you're playing or doing something else instead of doing your actual work.

Most people will think you're lazy and have bad discipline. And you know yourself you're not focusing on your tasks.

Mental force field

Why are you procrastinated your job?

An analogy I've heard before explained it with two magnets, your mental block is working like magnets. Here is the story.

When you move a magnet around the another magnet, you can feel the magnetic field, you don't see and touch it, but you know it exists.

If you put one pole of a magnet towards another magnet with the same pole, then when you move the magnet closer to the another, they'll repel each other eventually.

The more close you put the magnets together, the more fierce they repel each other. It's very similar to your mind when you're facing a task or duty that you don't like to do.

If you force yourself to face the task that you dislike, you'll lead yourself to other direction which makes you procrastinate your work.

Do you get the picture? 

No matter how hard you try to put two magnets together with the same poles, they must repel with each other without questioning.

Therefore, you cannot force two same poles to stop repelling with each other in any way.

Instead what you can do is to turn its direction so the pole is changed and become able to attract the another magnet.

It can be done if your push two magnet together without taking your hand off.

But when you take your hand off they immediately go back to the initial state.

Therefore, what you can really do is rotate the magnet or change the direction.

Why mental force field happen?

Mental force field represents the mental block that holds you back to focus on your tasks and it's analogized as the magnetic field that just mentioned.

There're two reasons that this mental force field happen, one is you perceived your task is difficult, and another one is the task is an assigned task.

Simple guide to deal with procrastination

1. Break down and simplify it

In fact, your tasks are not that hard if you know how to break them down and simplify them.

In my article causes of procrastination I explained one of the biggest reasons people procrastinate is they perceived their tasks are difficult. 

The reason a task is difficult is because it is a huge task.

For instance, you want to earn money online and live a dot com lifestyle. But no one will be able to finish this task in a short time. Well, you must be aware that, this one is a goal instead of a task. 

A task is what you can implement immediately, for above example, learning how to create a website can be a task, connecting supplier can also be a task.

After taking the first step of a task, you will be clearer about what the next step has to do, and which will lead to the next step again until you reach your goal.

Therefore, if you've a goal, you want to break it down to tasks that you can implement every day.

Then later you want to simplify your tasks so they'll not seen like very complicated and make you procrastinate them. 

Start from small. Let suppose you want to create a website you need to write content.

You can start from writing a paragraph, then expand it to several paragraphs and eventually be an article.

If you don't know how to do some tasks, then start by doing some researches and do a little afford to see if you can handle it.

2. Don't let other people assign tasks to you

Assigned tasks are the tasks that you're told to do.

Almost all tasks that people assign to you are not the tasks that you sincerely want to do.

You'll seem like you are being ordered to do things and they're what you dislike.

Therefore, you've no motivation to do them and will try to avoid them instinctively which leads to procrastination.

Even if the assigned tasks are what you like to do, you'll still feel like you're being told to do them, this feeling is even stronger if there are rewards and punishments.

Your interest to do those tasks can totally be killed.

In addition, when you decide to do something, don't think that you're assigning tasks to yourself. Its effect is the same as being told to do something.

You can't think in this way.

The reason you want to do things is because you like to do or you like the benefits you can gain after finished the tasks. 

Stop to think the way you're assigning tasks to yourself.

If you think " I should do this or do that." you'll start to feel some stress in the task, and thing seemingly becomes difficult.

Once you perceive it's difficult, you'll procrastinate it.

3. Make your tasks funny and challenging

Difficult and complicated tasks are not inspiring people to do them. Therefore, remember break them down and simplify them.

Tough tasks will need your full concentration.

When you're into the tasks and finish them later you'll feel wonderful and a sense of achievement.

The best way to finish thing is not to persuade yourself that you have to do it. Instead, you persuade yourself that work is interesting and challenging.

You'll feel great if you eventually accomplish it after working hard. You'll gain motivation if you think in this way and pump to start working.

If the work is not interesting and challenging, just makes it be interesting and challenging.

Final words

Manage your time nicely and flexible.

When you're hungry you eat, when you're tired you rest, when you're bored you drift and back to work later.

Work with either 100% concentration or don't work at all.

Don't perceive your tasks are difficult and assigned to you, break them down into chunks, and just do it, your productivity will skyrocket. 

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