4 Popular Dating Frustrations Most Men Face (And How to Deal With Them)

Many guys face dating frustrations and struggles and these problems not only shake their love life status but also affect their career, life, health, financial and other life areas. If you don't deal with these dating frustrations and struggles, chances are your life will be even bitter and tougher as the time goes by.

There are lots of guys being frustrated and nervous for their love issues but they're clueless what to do to deal with them. So they take wrong actions and make many mistakes along the way and thus make their situation even worsen.

Some of them choose to ignore their problems and hope their problems will fade behind as the time flies. They think time is the best medicine, the problems will solve by themselves in the future. 

However, the root problem is never solved, when they start a new relationship, the same problems could arise and the vicious cycle will run again. Eventually, they end up again with the same dating frustrations and struggles.

Therefore, you should not let time to handle your problems. If you bring up your conscious mind to face the issues, you'll be able to solve the root problem to prevent from repeating the same issues in the future. The main root problem is your inner game, once you acquire solid inner game you'll be successful with women naturally. 

There are probably two kind of consequences you could get if you let time handles your love issues, one is you fail with your woman miserably, another one is destroy your sense of being a man. Neither one of them is positive to you.

In the following I'll reveal the 4 most popular dating frustrations most men face in their love life, and how to deal with them.

4 most popular dating frustrations 

1. If a woman "blows you off"

This is one of the most popular dating frustrations most men face in their love life. Their women suddenly don't response to their calls, texts and dating requests. They're apathy to men's reactions so men feel angry and anxious for women's behaviors.

For such kind of situation you must have said or did something that caused her want to do nothing with you. It's depending on the case, maybe there's something you can say to this woman, but not to that woman. Different people have different reactions.

If this has happened, there's almost noting you can do to fix the situation. You let her get a bad impression of you, no matter what you say and do, it's not going to help you to change your bad image. 

There's one mistake that many people do, that's try to prove himself with words (aka bragging). They want to persuade their women logically. However, women don't respond to logical things very well, they're more emotional. See also: 1 huge mistake men make with women 

Therefore, you got to stop wondering how you can win her back. And remember, you must never and ever thinking of "confess your feelings" to her. This is a "nuclear bomb" to your relationship, you can kill your attraction absolutely and instantly. See: why you should never confess your love

Many men don't have solid inner game to control himself to be mysterious, they reveal everything about themselves. The last thing you want to do is making this kind of serious mistake.

2. If she has a boyfriend

If you're frustrating because she has a boyfriend, then I have a bad news to you. You better hold yourself back for this woman and move on your life straightly. You have nothing to do if she has a boyfriend. 

Maybe you think you can convince her to leave her boyfriend because she doesn't love him anymore and she's into you, so you can be with her together. However, that's her decision not yours. 

You should not try to persuade her to do so because that's her boyfriend, not yours. You better move on your life and put her behind because she has a boyfriend! Did I mention?

Lets say if you successfully persuade her to be with you, then two things may happen. First, you could get trouble if her boyfriend is a gangster or baddy. You know what I mean. Second, even if she drops her man for you, she could do the same to you down the road. Don't be surprise if one day she drops you for another guy, it's an old trick to her.

3. Should you make a move when relationships are going better?

If you're doing well with your woman, and you intensify the relationship greatly, there'll come to a point to consider whether you want to make a move to solidify the loving relationship officially or not. Some guys afraid that if they try to make a move, they'll ruin their relationship and women leave them away.

However, if you really play a good inner game and do everything well, you should not bother with this kind of question. You can make a move to solidify the relationships. When you come to that point, you'll know automatically. But here're something you must not be neglected.

First of all, I suggested you don't try to follow the old track which is confessing your love to her to ask her to be your girlfriend. Although you can do it if she's attracted to you. Some guys never spark his attraction to her but confess his love to her too early, I guess I don't have to tell you how is the result. 

You can bring her to some place that only have you two, or maybe in your car, hold her hand and kiss her. She will know what's happening and she even expects it, she becomes your girlfriend automatically. 

At here has one critical thing must be concerned, you don't ask for permission to do things like hold her hand or kiss her. Do it straightly like a man, be dominant and masculine. Women like men who are "men". See also the 3 core principles to succeed with women

When you know she's into you, you can make yourself a bit scarce in her life. Don't be always available, go do your own things first. Yourself is higher priority than her. You want to focus on your dream, mission, goal, and life purpose. Women should not be your life mission.

When you make yourself a bit scarce in her life, your attraction is skyrocketed. Bad guys are talented to do this because they're more care about themselves. See also: why women love bad guys?

4. If she treats you only as a "friend"

If she treats you only as a "friend", probably because you're not her type or you do mistakes to place yourself into the friend zone. In my free ebook I've explained that attraction can be divided to three levels, sexual attraction, emotional attraction and mental attraction. Dropping into friend zone is because you create emotional attraction first before sexual attraction.

In other words, before you spark attraction with your physical things that can see and feel with five senses such as your words, attitudes, behaviors and body language, you don't connect her too much. Before the sexual attraction is exist, you're just a sexless object to her or worse you're a sister to her. 

If you do nice things to her at this stage, you'll drop into the friend zone. She feels you're very nice, but is not attracted to you. Some people collect many "nice guys cards" heard a lot of things like this, "You're very nice, you can find someone better than me."', "I'm not suitable for you.", "You are my best friend.", "Don't waste your time on me.". This is all because they do nice things to her too often and early. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work

What can you do if this happens? First of all, stop doing any wussy behaviors such as buy her flowers, gifts, drinks, dinners, or be her driver. You think you do these because you love her, but she doesn't get it and even feels annoyed because there's no attraction exist. Remember never and ever be clingy and needy, non-neediness is one of the core elements of successful loving relationship. 

After that, you want to increase your attraction to her. You want to improve yourself constantly so your attractiveness increase too. Learn how to be a real man and master your men's instincts (which have covered in my free book). 

Be a leader, more decisive, more dominant, healthy lifestyle, humor, stable financial status and others. See also the kind of self confidence that attracts women. Constant improvement is the key.

How to avoid all these dating frustrations and struggles in the future?

Your inner attitude, thoughts, and ideas are critical for you to do right things when you're approaching women. Your words and body language will reflect your inner beliefs. If you don't have a solid inner game, chances are you'll get yourself trouble with women and even get rejected by her. See also limiting beliefs about love

Therefore, you must handle you inner game (solid confidence, men's and women's instincts, decisive, assertive, dominant, empowering beliefs, etc) and then later outer game ( humor, personal wealth, abilities, skills, body language, communication skills, etc). If you've discovered your life purpose, the rest things will handle themselves.

4 tips below will briefly guide you in approaching women

Now you know the 4 popular dating frustrations most men face, do you face any one of them? In fact, generally all these frustrations happen due to most men don't know the relationship need to work from stage to stage.

They either take correct action at wrong time, or take wrong action at correct time, or even worse both action and time are wrong. It's a huge topic to discuss, so I don't discuss it at here, but I give simple tips here for approaching women.

  • After getting her contact number, leave quickly instead of wanting to "lock down" the date, relationships or others.
  • Less care on how she feels about you or how things turn out.
  • Make teasing joke and be confident.
  • Don't be always available. Leave her if you have other things to do or the conversation goes boring.

Just to recap the dating frustrations:

  • Woman "blows you off"
  • She has a boyfriend
  • Should you make a move
  • Only treat you as a friend

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