How to Not Confess Your Love
This Can Kill Your Love

Do you want to know what's the best way to confess your love to her?

You want a surefire way so your confession is perfect, so you can get her as your girlfriend smoothly and effortlessly. 

You think a lot of ways about it. In your brain, you rehearse those confession tactics many many times to make sure you will not mess it up. 

If you don't have any idea of confession, then you can check and research around the internet, chances are you will get a ton of ideas to confess your love to her.

And the thing you may feel more good is, the idea from internet will never run out.

There are many forms of confession. I did a little research to see what are the forms of confession available on internet. See the video below before you read on.

12 ways to confess your love

I'm impressed how creative are people to come up so many ideas of love confessions. There are a lot not reveal yet, you can google it yourself.

However, as the headline mentioned, this article is not attempt to teach you how to confess your love, but how to NOT confess your love.

The video above is just a joke, but love confession basically is a bad idea for your loving relationships. The idea you have to confess your feelings to her so you only have chance to get her as your girlfriend is totally a BS.

You can do your love confession in many ways such as serious, surprise, romantic, impressive and - you name it. You can give her the greatest love confession in the world.

And then, she tells you, it was the nicest thing any guy ever did for her. You feel very happy. However, nothing has changed since the day after.

You feel weird, she was happy with the confession, everything seems go smoothly, but the friendship just doesn't turn into loving relationships.

Chances are, you started to feel desperate. You are insecure and started to act needy and clingy. You may confess your feelings once more, and want to solidify the relationship as soon as possible.

The result... you guessed it.. you received a "nice guy" card.

Such kind of result is not a surprise actually. This is a CLASSIC nice guy behavior. 

You may heard before that, "nice guy always finish last", and that's true. You should never act like a nice guy because it's an attraction killer, the surefire way. See also: Warning: stop to be a nice guy

You have to understand how the attraction works. There's no way or pickup lines for you to apply then suddenly all girls craves for you. It's not you do XX, then you'll get XX result from girls. Things don't work like this way.

No matter how many times, how many ways, how unique you love confession is, there's no sort of confession of love make a girl want you.

Therefore, if you are here to find ways to confess your love to her, I want to say sorry to you. Because love confession is not a recommended way to get her in your arms. There's ONLY ONE situation is suitable to confess your feelings, I will talk about it later.

In fact, confession of love reeks of desperation. You'll behave like a wussy even if you do it in confident way because women have great sixth sense. They can catch the subtle messages that you are so insecure inside, and wish to get positive response.

The risks simply are not worth to take. The idea of you have to confess your feelings, so only she will know your feeling is not correct. When you interact with her, date her, call her, chances are, she knows you liked her already. Confession just help her to confirm that fact.

This "must confess your love" idea you may learned it from television, movies, your parents, or listening to what women say they want. But it's so pity that, it doesn't work well and most cases are backfire eventually.

You need to know the fact that, women don't know what they want, but they always know what they don't want. When a girl says she wants a nice guy who treats her well, never bullies her, buy her presents, flowers, blah blah blah all kind of nice things, but when you do all what they say, she still don't like you.

Instead, she likes a guy who hurts her, doesn't treat her well, makes her sad, blah blah blah. Her behaviors and what she said are complete opposite.

In my previous articles why are women attracted to bad guys I have explained that women are not attracted to nice guys. And love confession is a classic nice guy behavior. It's very obvious that why confession doesn't work.

Here's one small tip for you. If you want to know what attracts the girl you liked, check out her ex boyfriend. Her ex boyfriend is the exact BLUEPRINT of what kind of guy she is attracted to. (Assume she was serious with her ex)

Copying behavior

In my free ebook Relationships Made Simple I have explained that copying behavior always happen in females instinctively. Most of them don't trust their own judgement on choosing a spouse. 

Therefore, they are tend to look around and see what the crowd is doing. When women find that their peers are chasing the same guy, then that guy must has something go for him. So they will copy this bahavior and choose the same or similar type of guy.

This is how the fashion works. When a star is getting attention, chances are he will get more and more attention like snow balling. So he gets more fans, and more girls crave for him.

In other words, when your girl figures out other girls want you, your value in her mind will skyrocket. And she will try to get your attention and compete with other girls because not wanting to lose you. She's attracted to you because she finds you are attractive to other girls.

Now reveal the answer, what is the best and only one situation for you to confess your love to her?

The answer is, when she's attracted to you. Period.

You want to always remind yourself, don't be a nice guy. Don't be desperate, insecure, needy, clingy and wussy. Eliminate the idea you want to confess your feelings to her. Remember, declarations of love NEVER work. Never.

If you haven't download my free ebooks, go download them, they are no cost to you. And please leave your thoughts below.

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