How to Compliment A Woman The Right Way

Many men tend to compliment a woman because they think that women like compliments. 

And yes, this is truth, who doesn't like to be complimented? Therefore, you meet a beautiful woman, you are into her, try to approach her, and compliment her a lot, but eventually nothing return to you.

There's a misconception that most men have taken, that is, all women like to be complimented. This is a huge misunderstanding. In fact, complimenting women doesn't necessarily work, especially beautiful women. 

Many guys consciously or unconsciously believe that complimenting women is helpful at getting women's attention and get liked.

Therefore, they compliment their women whenever they have chance such as "You're so beautiful.", "You have a very soft voice, I like it very much!", "You're so photogenic!" and blah blah blah. However, it's not effective and probably get dumped by women. 

The problem is that, even though they get dumped by their women, they contributed the problems to other factors, because they don't realize that complimenting women especially beautiful women is what makes their loving relationships so hard and no progress.

Complimenting women is actually work to improve your relationships, but you need do it in certain ways. Many guys don't have clue how to to do this and they fail miserably. 

I'll get you through this problem and reveal to you the reasons why compliment to beautiful women doesn't work?

5 major reasons why compliment beautiful women doesn't work

Generally there're 5 reasons why compliment beautiful women doesn't work. If you don't understand these 5 reasons and nail them down into your head, you'll repeat the same complimenting issues in each approach. 

In contrast, if you know these reasons, you can avoid them and increase your winnability to get women.

Sexual attraction doesn't happen yet

Many guys are taking steps too quickly in a relationship. They're into her, so they want to solidify their relationship in the first few dates, but they're just taking steps too fast. 

In the seducing and dating phases, many things are still uncertain. Men who lack of solid inner game will try to lock things down in a short time. 

This is because the uncertainty worries them, they are afraid they'll lost her if they're not taking any action with fast. They worry their women will drop them for another man who takes action very quickly. 

However, relationships can't be forced. To establish a stable loving relationship, there're steps have to take gradually step-by-step.

In my free ebook, I've explained that attraction can be divided into 3 levels - sexual attraction, emotional attraction and mental attraction. You have to establish each attraction in the sequence from sexual to emotional to mental.

If you skip to establish the sexual attraction and straightly jump to emotional attraction, you'll build a friendship. In other words, you'll drop into the friend zone. 

If you skip the emotional attraction and straightly jump to mental attraction, which means you want to make commitment too fast, then you'll kill the relationship undoubtedly.

Complimenting women doesn't work because most men don't build sexual attraction in the first place. The compliments are just too plain for women which seemingly the attention is to get in their pants.

However, even if you've built sexual attraction, you should not often compliment women. Make your compliments be scarce, it's their challenge to get your compliments. 

Don't make your compliments easily to get. It's the same as the law of marketing - the lower the supply, the higher the value. You want to make your compliments higher value.

It's normal to her

There's a fact that, beautiful women always get compliments for their appearance. When they're still 15 years old, they already got a lot of compliments from men around them. Beautiful women know they're beautiful, it's nothing new to them. 

Therefore, if you give compliments to women for their appearance like "You're so beautiful." or "You're so pretty.". Women don't feel happy for it. For them, it's not a compliment, but a fact. 

If you're a multimillionaire, and I compliment you that "You're so clever to make money." For you, it's not a compliment, it's a fact, and you may even thinking that I'm teasing you.

Therefore, stop to compliment beautiful women for their appearance, this doesn't work for them.

This implies you're already into her

If you always compliment a woman, women will know instantly perhaps you're already into her. It's not a bad thing to let women know that you're already into her, but like mentioned above you can't skip the sexual attraction. 

If you let her know you're into her too quickly, she'll feel there's no challenge for her to try to get your attention. 

She knows that she doesn't even need to do anything you'll also be attracted to her. In fact, women want a challenge in a relationship. If you're not a challenge to her, she'll lost attraction for you very soon. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work

It's boring

Compliments are boring to beautiful women, because they always get compliments. Even though they have replied you politely a "Thank you!", but that's what our society programmed them to do so – when someone compliments you, you have to say thank you.

Many men misunderstand that women give responses to their compliment is because women are attracted to them or women feel good for them, but the fact is it's merely a polite response that women think they should give. 

Women have great sixth sense

In my free ebook I have explained that women's mind are wired biologically to think more emotional, their way to think is trying to link things in their mind together like spider web. 

Therefore, women are great at catching subtle message, which is so called sixth sense.

When you're approaching women, women can screen you instantly to know your emotions and intentions. 

For instance, if you're trying to pretend you're confident or alpha, women know it instantly. They're talented to master sixth sense, several times greater than men. Therefore, if you want to approach or make a move such as hold her hand or kiss her, chances are she knew it before you do so. 

Since women have great sixth sense, it's not a surprise that they are able to analyze your compliments are authentic expression or fake expression that just try to steal her heart. 

If they know your compliments are genuine, then it's good. But if they know you're trying to kiss her ass, your attractiveness to her will completely turn off. 

Therefore, if you want to compliment a woman, make sure it's an authentic expression. However, their great sixth sense also enables them to analyze if you're into her already or not. It's better to make your compliments scarce even though they're genuine expression that from your heart.

Final words

In conclusion, complement a woman actually works in improving your loving relationships but that comes after the sexual attraction established. If you compliment a woman too early, you'll imply to her that you're already into her, make her boring and feel nothing surprised. 

Even though the sexual attraction is established, you want to make your compliments scarce and don't compliment for her appearance, that'll make her boring after some times and influence your relationship.

What's the right way to compliment a woman?

If you want to compliment a woman, then remember don't compliment a woman directly. When communicating with a woman, you don't say things directly, because that's too plain to entertain a woman. 

It's the same when complimenting women, for instance, your woman complains and shows you a picture which taken with poor photographic technique makes her so ugly in the picture. So you reply, "It's ok even though the picture is ugly, the point is the person is beautiful." 

You get my point here? You don't say she's beautiful directly, but you let her know you do mean she's beautiful. Compliment a woman indirectly can increase your sense of humor and attractiveness. Use it if you want to compliment a woman.

If you say things plainly, you don't be able to create humor with your words, then you don't be able to spark attraction to women. See also: how humor attracts women

Many men's intention to compliment a woman is to prove how much he loves her, to get attention, or to give great impression. In other words, they want to use their words to prove how much they love her. But the right way is, actions speak louder than words. Period. See also: 1 mistake men make with women

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