Why Is It That You Have to Change Yourself?

Why do you want to change yourself?

In fact, every people included you and me needed changes very often.

There's a myth that people should not change, they just need to be themselves. However, this statement is only half right.

When people said they just want to be themselves, then they must consider this, are them being their best self? If you're not being your best self as there's still has room for you to improve, then you are not eligible to say you don't need changes. There's no way for you to reach perfect, you must always have room to improve yourself.

Even if the world famous company Apple, they always innovate their products to be better such as iPhone and iPad. Even though now they're leading company in the industry, they don't stop to improve their products. They regularly update their iOS version, change the layout, add new features, add new functions, eliminate redundancy function, etc to provide their best products and services to users.

Therefore, even if you're good, but you can be better. Why give yourself limitation to be better and improved? There's suppose no limitation for you to go forward. When people are saying they don't need to change and they want to be themselves, in fact they're trying to stay in their comfort zone. 

They dare not to go beyond their comfort zone, because there're many uncertainty and unknown challenges out there. To protect themselves from hurting ego and self worth, they choose to be the same as where they're now. However, if you don't change and keep doing what you're doing currently, do you think 5 years later your life would be any different?

It's very important if you seriously want to reach your goals, dreams, missions, and desired lifestyle, you must be improving constantly. Changing yourself doesn't mean you want to pretend like someone else, or being not-like-you. Instead it's growing yourself to be better, to be more confident and to achieve more in your life. Period.

When do you need to change yourself?

The answer is, ALWAYS change yourself constantly and endlessly. Successful people are always improving themselves, they want constant improvement. There's no point for you to stop improving yourself, you want to be better and better to create success in your life key areas such as health, money and romantic relationships. 

Don't pray for god to help you gain the health, money and romantic relationships. If you don't action, there's nothing will be changed in your life. 

There's a significant sign that reveals to you that you need to be changed urgently, which is when you're very dissatisfying with your life. 

If you realize that you're unhappy, guilty and suffering with your current condition – you don't satisfied with your life, your career, your academic, your spouse, and any other things, then you need to change yourself. 

Don't stay in your comfort zone but always complaint this and that of what you're dissatisfied. Don't get into victim role, this action is immature and naive, complaining doesn't take you to anywhere.

How do you change yourself?


If you're committed to change yourself, the very first thing you want to change is your mindset. Mindset is a set of beliefs that influences your emotion and behavior. If you have correct mindset around the area that you want to succeed, then you'll be successful in that area naturally. In contrast, if you have wrong mindset, no matter how hard you work, what fancy techniques or tricks you use, you'll still be unsuccessful eventually. 

Beliefs generally can divide into two types which are empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs. Empowering beliefs are beliefs that enables to help you to reach your goal. You'll feel confident and motivated to do things. In contrary, limiting beliefs are beliefs that holding you back to be successful. It makes you stay in your comfort zone and not taking necessary movement to attain what you want.

You must heard before the story about a poor man who won million dollars lucky draw, he became a millionaire. However, due to his limiting beliefs, he didn't know how to best use of the money. After three years, all money he won was spent and he backed to the status before he won the lucky draw. If you've correct mindset, that money can change your entire life. But if you're with wrong mindset, even though the opportunities come to you, you'll still remain the same.

"Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity." - Seneca

The key of changing yourself is changing your mindset. If nothing changes inside the brain and nervous system, your outside would not have substantial or long-term changes. Ask yourself this question: what do you want for yourself in the future? 

Many people don't know what to change because they don't know what they want in their life. This can be a tough question to be asked if you're rarely to think about it. You must know your true desire so you can only change your limiting beliefs around the area. For instance, you want to reach financial freedom, so you'll know what to change, you need to alter your limiting beliefs about money.

If you don't have true desire, then you have no reason for yourself to change thus your mindset can't be corrected. Even if you've started to change and improve yourself, you WON'T keep doing this for very long if there's no changes of your structure of thinking and how you perceive yourself. Remember, you're the one who are responsible for you to be successful.

Change your reality

Your thoughts are your world and your thoughts are from your mindset – the beliefs that you hold in your mind. Therefore, if you want to change your dissatisfied reality, you need to change your mindset and set goals that align with it.


Before you change your mindset, you need to admit the things have happened and you FULLY accept the way it is. If you don't accept the way it's and still thinking about your past, then you'll not be able to change yourself. To change yourself, I've mentioned in my free ebook Success Made Certain that you have to be in present. Let your past be past, let it goes. You can't control and change your past. 

Don't think about your future too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you can neglect your future. What I mean is, you should never bother with your future. When you've set your goal, you work to reach it but you don't bother with are you going to achieve your goals or not. You know you're on the track, so you don't care the result too much since you know at present you're on the right way.

In short

Be in present and accept the way it's, only then you can change yourself and become fulfilled, satisfied, and contented. You want to change your mind, only after changing your mind, your techniques and tricks can only be worked. Changing your mind is the best investment ever in your life, it's life changing. 

About the author


Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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