How to Change Limiting Beliefs And Be Successful

Why do you need to change limiting beliefs?

Because limiting beliefs are the beliefs that lead you to an incorrect conclusion on the respective topic.

Most of the time you don't feel something wrong about your limiting beliefs, you believe they are correct as they are stored in your subconscious mind.

This is why you should take note about them, you're holding back by your limiting beliefs to be successful, and you may never realize how they affected you.

Limiting beliefs are formed through your past experience and how you interpret information that you received from your surroundings.

There're several ways of how limiting beliefs are created. See also: how limiting beliefs are created 

5 ways to help you change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are the roadblocks on your journey to achieve your goals. You have to remove them so you are free from barriers in the way of going to be successful.

Uninstall the limiting beliefs and install the beliefs that can help you to change, improve, and evolve. Following are 5 ways of how you can change limiting beliefs.

1. Repetition

Our brain is the best device, but it's stupid too.

If you put in a false fact continually and repetitively to your brain, eventually your brain will interpret the false fact as the truth.

Your brain will ingrain the false fact, and you'll behave according to that fact subconsciously. 

Therefore, if you want to remove the limiting beliefs, then you should leverage the power of repetition.

When you realize you have a limiting belief, then tell yourself repetitively that your limiting beliefs are wrong and it harms you when making decisions. 

At the same time, you should also do affirmations to yourself with the beliefs that you want such as courage, confident, humor and - you name it.

You have to repeat them to yourself continually until they internalize in your brain. So then you'll behave more courage, confident and humor intuitively and subconsciously. 

There're many ways to do this, here I suggest one way that I personally like to use.

Which is finding someone as a role model for you to imitate. For example, if you want to be more masculine, then you can imitate James Bond and repeat this every day. Eventually, you'll be more masculine like James Bond. 

2. Find evidence

When you continually repeat to yourself the beliefs you want, you'll need some evidence.

Repetition is essential, however, it does not guarantee that you can change your beliefs by simply repeating the words.

Besides the repetition of statements, you have to collect more and more evidence about the beliefs that you want. 

For instance, if you want to build a belief that you're an attractive person, then take note when someone compliments you're attractive.

You can imitate someone who is attractive; imitate his or her personality traits and reform them to suit with your personality traits, so they become your own attractive traits. 

Remember how others compliment you, "You are so cool.", "I like your humor." Collect these evidence and repeat them to yourself.

Repetition of statements + the evidence = Beliefs 

Execute this formula you will obtain the beliefs you want.

3. Push yourself

Building beliefs is simple and easy.

However, most people fail because they don't do it repetitively.

Why limiting beliefs are easier to build than positive beliefs?

You may even never notice when your limiting beliefs are built. 

Like mentioned above, limiting beliefs are always the beliefs that holding you back for something, something that you'll need to put in efforts to achieve such as success.

The reason of this is because your brain wants you to avoid burdens, efforts, and difficulties. So then you'll stay in your comfort zone.

However, this is not a good option to you.

Your brain does this to avoid the danger factors that you may meet - unpredictable stuff, unknown threats. It's an instinct to ensure your security which is inherited from the primitive age.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the former willing to face the challenges in life while the latter escape to face challenges and stay in the comfort zone.

Don't forget to push yourself in life to step forward and go further, build correct mindset to be a better person.

4. Study 

People who have limiting beliefs are influenced by their past experience especially the childhood experience.

In childhood, we lack lots of information we needed to interpret the problems, so we listen to adults what they told us and believe in what they said undoubtedly.

Sometimes, adults don't explain the details of problems to us, they just generalized the problems and explain to us in pieces of information.

Pieces of information will leave some gaps of information.

Therefore, what you learned in your childhood almost are not the full picture.

If you don't understand the aspects that you want to know in the full picture, chances are you'll set limiting beliefs to fill in the gaps that appeared.

Therefore, if you want to figure out what're the limiting beliefs that you've in a particular area then you have to study it in the full picture.

Through the study you'll know which beliefs are true and which beliefs are false, so you can eliminate the limiting one and cultivate the true one.

5. Self-confidence

Don't easily let other's view influence your beliefs.

If you lack the critical information of a particular area, then chances are you'll be influenced by other's view easily.

Allow me to repeat my words again: you have to study the full picture. 

Anyhow, even if you have a correct mindset there are some people out there still say something that's contrary to your beliefs.

Why? Because there are people don't want you to be successful due to their jealousy.

Most people who say negative things to you are not successful.

They'll tell you that what you're trying to do will fail eventually. They may even show you the failure examples and that maybe is their own experience.

However, that's only their personal view. See also: Why rejection doesn't make sense

If you've studied enough on the topic and you know the full picture, then you'll not get affected by them easily.

They fail because they don't know about the things as well as you. So they set the limiting beliefs for themselves through their past failure experience. 

You must have self-confidence in yourself. Before believing what other people told you, try yourself to get your own experience.

If someone can't lift up a 10kg brick doesn't mean that you can't. He told you it's very hard to lift up the brick, but that's his personal experience. You should go and lift it up by yourself to get your own experience. 

Don't easily be influenced by other people, as you already know the full picture about how things work behind the scenes. You should go to try things out yourself, so your mindset will be safe from limiting beliefs.

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