6 Popular Causes of Procrastination That Make You Waste Precious Time

Do you know what are the causes of procrastination?

Do you know why you keep procrastinating even though you convinced yourself very hard to finish your tasks?

The act of delaying important tasks that should be done early is called procrastination and it is a serious problem for most people.

One of the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is the procrastination habit.

Successful people are always the non-procrastinators while the unsuccessful people are always the procrastinators.

Therefore, the consequences of procrastination always are leading to the feelings of guilt, regret, and unconfident eventually.

If you have troubles of procrastination and don't want to waste your life and feel bad later, then you have to overcome the procrastination. 

Normally, people think they procrastinate the important tasks is because those tasks are boring and difficult.

However, the causes of procrastination can be your personal problems instead of the tasks themselves.

Non-procrastinators will do their important tasks as soon as possible without excuses, by contrary procrastinators will give lots of excuses to themselves to alleviate the feeling of guilt.

There are many causes of procrastination, and they are different for different people.

In this article, I explained some of the most popular causes among procrastinators..

6 Popular Causes of Procrastination

1. Fear of failure

You can be a procrastinator if you fear to fail.

You may have been planned for something big, something that needs hardworking and many resources and it's hard to accept the fact that the project failed.

Your brain knows your plan has risks, therefore, it's trying to protect you from being a failure by procrastinating the tasks that you need to do.

However, the loss of procrastination is mostly bigger than the loss of failure.

If you don't carry out your tasks and do nothing then your life will not change.

This is the greatest loss to you if you found that most people around you are improving constantly and becoming better than you but you're still standing at where you stand initially.

2. Perceived difficulty

If you perceived your tasks are very difficult to be done procrastination can occur.

When you think your tasks are difficult, you'll lost your motivation to do it.

But they may not actually that hard.

The fact is when you start doing you'll get into the working mood very soon, and get into the flow state later.

If the tasks are really very hard, you can delegate them to other people who know how to do them.

There's one rule for you when you perceived your tasks are hard to do which is the slogan of Nike: "Just do it!"

No matter you do tasks by yourself or delegate to other people, never procrastinate the tasks which are important.

3. Stress

Stress is one of the factors that prevents you from accomplishing the tasks on time.

If you can't control your stress, then it's hard for you to work productively.

Procrastination is one kind of self-defense mechanism that helps you to cope with your stress.

But the side effect is your tasks will be delayed.

You want to learn how to control your stress, and let it be your motivation to work.

Find out the reasons why you feel stressed to your tasks.

Is it because the tasks are difficult?
Is it because too many tasks for you?
Is it because you don't have enough time?

People normally delay their tasks until last minute due to the stress to do them.

If you find out specifically what makes you stress and tackle them down, you can control your stress and work productively. See also: 5 simple ways to reduce stress by Yvette Caster 

4. Your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind can be a factor that makes you delay your tasks.

There are a lot of tasks that your subconscious mind perceived they're not important and even useless.

Therefore, you don't do them immediately even though you have plenty of free time. 

To solve this problem you have to bring your thoughts to the conscious mind. Notice how do you perceive your tasks, and fix your thoughts if it's necessary. 

If you don't know why you want to do the work or think it's something not important, you won't be motivated.

Find out the reason to work.

Why are you started?

What is the BIG WHY?

If you want it so hard you will find a way to it.

5. Bad moods

Bad moods are really a matter when you want to do your work.

You're not able to focus on your tasks if you have bad moods like depression, anxious, and anger.

Whenever you want to start working, your mind will automatically drift to the issues that you're concerning and that results in you can't do your tasks in the flow state. 

In this case, it's not the problem of difficulty of your tasks or the boredom associated with, it's your personal problems that prevent you from finishing your tasks on time.

Therefore, fix your bad moods, then you will be able to complete your tasks on time. 

6. Laziness

Laziness is your greatest enemy in your life in every aspect.

Laziness drains your energy emotionally and physically when you feel like you want to start working.

You'll feel like your tasks are overwhelming and difficult to complete so you want to avoid them in order to conserve energy.Therefore, this results in procrastination.

If this pattern is repeated for several times and you adapted to it, then you'll procrastinate whatever in your to-do-list.

You'll wait until last minute because your laziness makes you avoid spending energy on your tasks. So, you must eliminate laziness if you want to be successful.

One tip to focusing on your work 

There's an effective way that allows you to focus on your tasks until they are complete.

This method is time boxing.

You want to set your time into boxes like half an hour or one hour, then within your time box period you want to stick to only one task each time.

I personally like to use 60/60/30 method to do time boxing.

Focus on your tasks and never pay attention to other things such as checking emails, seeing your Facebook, checking friend requests, writing comments, phone calling, etc.

Stick only to one task each time so you'll not think other stuff when you're working. 

Work with either 100% CONCENTRATION or don't work at all. 

However, your time should be managed flexibly instead of rigidly.

If you need more motivation then you can set rewards for yourself - when you complete tasks early or punctually you get a reward.

You don't have to set huge rewards, it can be simple as you're allowed to surf Facebook if you finished your tasks.

Or you can set your dinner as the reward - if you don't finish the tasks, then you can't have an ice-cream tonight.

Setting reward is simple but it can be a source of motivation because you have something to fight for, so you'll complete your tasks on time.

However, you have to understand the big picture why you're procrastinating, the reasons like stress and bad moods listed above must be concerned.

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