Canned Material: Does It Work to Attract Women?

Does canned material work?

I think so. But that's not for most people. 

In my opinion, it's only suitable for those who are socially awkward, and extremely anxious when connecting with people (not only women).

For normal people, they should be able to interact with other people naturally or they should be at least able to interact with people they are familiar with naturally.

These people do not need canned material. They have the ability to create own material.

The main reason why canned material is not applicable for everyone is because there are different people, with different personalities, in different situations.

There's no a universal canned material. And you can't depend on it permanently. There will be one day you used up all canned materials and suddenly you become a lame person.

If you are depending on canned material to try to pick up women then I want to tell you a brutal truth which is you are not on the right track.

So, what is the real deal?

What to do so you will never need to depend on canned material and scare running out of things to say?

First of all, you need to understand that men and women are different. Women want to find a best man around them to be their boyfriend.

So what you need to concern is being the best man around your dream woman. Chances are, you don't really need to be the best, but be the above average already many women will run to you.

In other words, you want to be a fucking awesome guy that is attractive in women's eyes.

If you are not attractive at all, nothing will work even though you use the best canned material in the world, she will just never be interested.

So before telling you how to handle the interaction with women, you have to be attractive at the first place.

Without being sexually attractive, love will never happen. See: love and attraction are different

Improve these 10 areas in life will make you become attractive and irresistible to women. 

At the same time, you want to make sure you have settled these 10 fundamentals for success with women.

To improve and change yourself to become an attractive guy takes time, a lot of time. If you ask me how long for it, the answer is as long as it takes. From my own experience, it takes 2 months to 2 years to have a quality change.

You must take the time so you will never make the same mistakes. The persistence is the key.

If you want the shortcut then I have a good news to you. Many men fail with women due to having limiting beliefs above love that make them behave like a nice guy.

Therefore, if you are a nice guy then the easy way for you to turn the table is stop being a nice guy and start behaving like a bad guy.

By simply eliminating all wussy, needy and clingy behaviors, you will have an advantage over other competitors. 

The guidelines

In fact, in my previous several articles I have already explained how to talk to women. I provided some guidelines so you have something to start with but I never encourage you to use canned materials.

In below I recommend you to read these articles so you have an idea about what else you can say other than canned materials.

One thing that people neglect is the listening skill. They thought listen is simply hearing the words but it's way more than that. You have to learn how to listen so she will engage in the conversation.

If you are here because you are going to a first date with women, then read my article about the first date conversation. That's exactly what I have done on the first date with my girlfriend.

If you are here because you want to find canned material about complimenting women, then read my article about compliment women the right way. Complimenting women is not hard, don't make it complicated.

If you have problems on how to interact with women, then read the two articles about interacting with women at here and here.

If you are searching for phone conversation ideas, I've written an article about that based on my experience with my girlfriend so that on the phone you will never run out of things to say.

If you have an argument with your loved one, then you have to learn how to communicate better so you will not ruin the relationship. It's hard to recover once the relationship is broken.

This article is not a collection of my previous articles. I put many links here is because this is a huge topic and I have discussed it here and there before so I provide some links to them.

To always give out valuable lessons to readers like you I would like to add something new that I did not mention in these previous articles.

These 5 things are better than canned material

1. Ask engaging questions.

Asking questions is an art in my opinion. 

How to ask a question that gives the answer you want and tells you many details of the person is not an easy thing.

Ask these 5 engaging questions to your woman will not only tell you a lot about her but you also have an idea about the compatibility between you two. 

  1. What do you want to be in the near future? - If you and her are in 20s (like I do)
  2. What did you like about your childhood? - You can see if she is grown from a healthy family.
  3. What places do you most want to travel to? - You can know about her interest of traveling.
  4. If money were no object what would you do with your life? - You can see if she has a life purpose and her perspective on money.
  5. What are the three things you most want to do before you die? - This reveals her personality to you.

2. Tease her

Teasing is saying things that are jokingly offensive.

It's very similar to the cocky funny that I've mentioned in how to use humor to attract women.

If you master the teasing skill, you can make her laugh and be a challenge to her so she'll be addicted to you.

Here are some ways I always use to tease my girlfriend. 

  1. Give her a silly nickname. - Sometimes I call her "stupid", sometimes I call her "a dumb". You can be creative at this part.
  2. Mimic her. - I repeat her words in the conversation later. She would say I didn't pay her copyright fee.
  3. Roleplay with her. - Play a role to tell stories or interact with her. A never outdated teasing skill. 
  4. Disagree with something she said. - Disagree her then reply with a funny reason so she will know it's a tease.
  5. Answer questions with questions. - For example, she asks me "Are you hungry?", I answer her "You hungry again?".

The point is to make fun of her.

You don't need to try playing smart. Otherwise, you will be always thinking about what to say. You should be just enjoying yourself and creating a playful dynamic. 

3. Use F.O.R.D. and avoid R.A.P.E.

If you just meet her and are finding canned material as the resources of conversation topics, then you can use F.O.R.D and avoid R.A.P.E.

F.O.R.D stands for:

F - Family
O - Occupation 
R - Recreation
D - Dreams (Aspirations)

These are the topics that will always be suitable for people who just meet for a while.

And there are also some topics that you should avoid - R.A.P.E

R.A.P.E stands for:

R - Religion
A - Abortion
P - Politics
E - Economics

These topics are so sensitive and that may cause conflicts between you two. They are risky so I recommend you just to avoid them.

4. Assume she likes you

This point is important, you want to assume that she likes you. Because perceptions have a powerful impact on our outcomes.

I still remember the first time when I date my girlfriend. That time we were just friend and I assumed that she likes me, I believed that she would go out with me. Therefore, I felt courage and made a move, that's how I started the date and later she became my girlfriend.

When you assume your woman likes you, you will act confidently instead cowardly. Your attractiveness will also increase undoubtedly.

5. Be expressive.

Don't care about any pick up lines, routines and other canned materials. 

Just start the conversation and express yourself. Talk about the F.O.R.D and keep expressing your thoughts by relating and expanding the topics to other topics.

You want to keep the eye contact, raise your hand when talking, and nod your head to signal you are listening.

And your face expression is also important, smile when talking about something funny and show your empathy with an empathetic look when talking about something pity.

If you don't be expressive, it's hard to make the conversation interesting.

Final notes

Does canned material work?

Yes, only for those who are socially awkward. And will not work permanently. In the end, you have to overcome the social issues and actually become a social person. Depending on the canned material will not help you to be successful with women.

The real deal is becoming a fucking awesome guy. So you have endless topics to say and have the ability to lead her to explore the world and grow together.

Make it happen.

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