This Best Time Management System Boosts My Productivity Greatly

There're many time management systems out there, but which one is the best time management system?

Are you good at managing your time?
Do you want to finish your task effortlessly and never rushing?
Do you spend your time effectively and efficiently? 

Time is the most precious asset in your life.

How your life would be is proportional to how do you spend your time.

If you spend your time wisely, you'll achieve a greater achievement.

In contrast, if you spend your time casually, you'll achieve a low or mediocre achievement.

Most successful people are very good at time management.

In fact, time management is not really about managing your time.

Because time is flowing continuously without your controlling. You have no ability to increase, decrease or control your time.

Therefore, the real time management is managing yourself instead of managing your time. How do you spend your time daily?

Successful people are very good at managing their time - spending their time with productive stuff.

This is their second nature. Because successful people have designed their life, they know what they want, what they have to accomplish to reach their goals.

They're very busy to chase their dream, they don't think other things that can't make progress to their goals.

Therefore, all their time spending on reaching goals, that's why they're good at time management.

They're motivated to do their work on the daily basis without feeling pressure or forces.

They're very enjoying with their work, so they can accomplish more than other people. 

The basics

1. Are you wasting your time?

So, are you wasting your time?

If you want to be successful, then you must handle your time well.

To handle your time, the first thing to look at is your inner world - the psychological matters.

Are you motivated to do something? Do you know your life purpose? Do you know what are your goals? 

You have to settle your inner game, then only your outer game.

Time management is your outer game. Therefore, if you've procrastination issues, you want to figure out the causes.

Are you trapped with bad mood? Are you feeling indifferent?

You must also know the time management mistakes that most people make. See: 4 time management mistakes that most people make

2. Set your goal

After knowing reasons that causing you to waste your time, you want to set your goals.

What does time management have to do with you if you don't even have a goal?

For setting goals you have to take note are them aligning with your passion. See also: what is your life mission? And also Steve Pavlina's how to discover your life purpose in 20 minutes

Furthermore, make sure your goals are fitting with goals setting guidelines, and avoid the common mistakes in setting goals.

Once you have a goal, you have a direction in your life.

You won't feel lost and waste your time on unproductive things like watch movies and see Facebook. You watch movies and see Facebook when the work is done.

3. Make your goals actionable

However, there're many people don't know how to execute their plan.

They have no idea how to take action and their goals become seemingly very hard to chase.

Therefore, they consider their goals are merely dreams and unachievable.

This is really disappointing because you deserve to get what you want, but you give it up yourself.

Then they persuade themselves don't dream anymore, they must face the reality.

What's the reality? Is it their comfort zone?

So they waste their time to do useless stuff instead of what supposedly to do. 

To make your goals actionable, you want to break them down into chunks so you can do them with a plan. Then follow your plan every day until you achieve your goals. See: how to make your goals achievable

4. Check your belief system

If you have limiting beliefs around your goals, then you'll be holding yourself back to achieve them.

Check out how your limiting beliefs formed you'll know how to avoid and eliminate them. Once you eliminated them and substituted with empowering beliefs, you'll be successful naturally. See: how to install empowering beliefs

5. Set time zones

Now you have a good inner game (step 1) and set your goals (step 2), it's the time to manage your time.

You have broken down your goals into daily goals, so you have a set of things you want to do on the daily basis (step 3). Then you want to set your time zones (tip #3 on time management) and dedicate your tasks to some of them. 

6. Decide what you want to do 

Look at the list of things that you want to do on the daily basis and divide them into four categories: distractions, interruptions, important goals, and critical activities.

These four categories are divided depending on their level of importance and urgency. 

If you want to spend your time effectively and efficiently, you want to avoid all forms of distractions and interruptions.

And focus only your mind on the important goals. Critical activities are the important goals that you delayed so they become urgent activities. You should focus on the important goals to avoid them turn into the critical activities.

Categorize your daily goals into these four categories, so you'll focus on the most important things instead of those things which will be distracting you. See: how to accomplish your tasks efficiently with less stress

The best time management system to develop the laser sharp focus

The system I'm introducing to you now will teach you how to use the laser sharp focus on your task and increase your productivity ultimately.

The 60/60/30 rule


This system is about completing your tasks each at once with the time boxing method.

The 60/60/30 rule is the best ratio of time boxing. It allows you to focus your mind entirely on what you should do until you finish your task.

If you have focusing problems, then use this method. It's very effective and efficient. 

Before using this method, you have some preparations need to do.

First of all, you want a distractions and interruptions free environment.

Switch off your phone, log out your social network account, switch on the silent mode of your handphone, log out any instant messenger apps, etc. Then isolate yourself at your workplace. 

You should also tell your friends, your parents, your colleagues and anyone else that you're going to do and focus on your own stuff, please them not to disturb you.

A no distractions environment is essential and it will be able to double your productivity.

After creating a distractions and disruptions free environment, you need to prepare a timer.

You don't need a fancy timer, it just needs to be able to set times and make an alert when the time is up. You can use a web-based timer, or download timer apps into your iPad or smartphone. 

Then prepare all tools and resources that you need to use so you'll not interrupt yourself to search for tools during working.

And you choose only one task that give you the highest leverage for your important goals.

The first 60 minutes:

50 minutes

Okay, now you have everything prepared.

Firstly you set a 50 minutes timer. During this 50 minutes, you want to focus entirely on the task you want to do.

Don't let other distractions and interruptions influence you.

For instance, during working you feel a bit hungry and then start to think what you want to eat, so you stop working and think that you want to eat first before you work. See, that's how distraction occurs. 

You must be aware of yourself of all kind of things that'll distract you.

Focus 100% on your work, you only need to work for 50 minutes.

When you deeply focus on your work, you'll get into the flow state. In other words, you'll enter "the zone".

You'll feel being one with the work, everything around you will be faded behind, you forget everything around you and the world only left you and your work.

To more extent, you dive totally into your work and become one with it.

10 minutes

After working 50 minutes, you can stop working and have a break. Set another 10 minutes timer for a short break.

During this 10 minutes, you can relax yourself by seeing your Facebook, going to toilet, drinking water, stretching your body, walking around and others.

Just do what you like to do to release stress and tension from your mind. So you'll be able to continue the task later quickly.

The second 60 minutes

Repeat the 50-10 cycle above for the next 60 minutes after the short break.

30 minutes 

After two complete set of 50-10 cycle (2 hours), you get a long break for 30 minutes.

During this 30 minutes, you can do anything you want.

I recommend you to spend the time for rest.

You may feel hungry after working 2 hours. You can take a small highly nutritious meal which riches in protein and good carbs.

Or you may feel a bit tired, I suggest you to take a 20 minutes nap to restore your energy.

Of course you can do things other than sleep and eat.

Just keep your mental state and physical state balance anyway.

In conclusion

After setting your goal, breaking down and simplifying it into daily actionable tasks, you can make progress on the daily basis.

But the distractions and interruptions are what always holding you back.

The 60/60/30 rule is the best time management system that I've learned to focus sharply on the work.

Leave your comment below if you find this is valuable, or introduce me your time management system that you think is the best.

Let me know, we can improve together.

About the author


Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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