7 Important Beliefs About Life That Can Change Your Life

Why beliefs about life are important to you?

Because, "We are what we thoughts." 

Sometimes, we feel like our world is always against us to achieve or to obtain things that we hunger for. Therefore, we often feel pressure, because things are not going toward the way that we were expected, we feel like the world is joking with us. 

But do you know? You are not alone. Most people around you are in the same boat.

They feel like they're not controlling their life, instead the life is controlling them. However, all of these occurred is because they've false or limiting beliefs about life. Limiting beliefs are formed through several ways, they'll became the bumps on your road toward success so you'll never achieve the kind of success that you want the most. 

You need to know how the limiting beliefs created in order to get rid of them. Therefore, your life will be free from limiting beliefs that hold you back to be successful. 

However, that's not enough. Although you've eliminated the wrong or limiting beliefs, but you still do not have the accurate and suitable mindset that get you on the right track. It's just like how people think of money, if your beliefs about money are correct, you'll become a richer person. But contrary if your beliefs about money are wrong, it'll be limiting you to a certain level of wealthy.

It's the same in other aspects of life. Therefore, eliminated the unsuitable beliefs is not enough, you still need to install the correct mindset in your brain to help you to be successful. Nail them in your brain, you'll become a better and better person and success to manage your own life.

Below I've collected seven important beliefs about life, master them so you'll be skyrocketed to manage your own life. There're more of other beliefs about life, but the below will be able to give you different perspectives of life already. Ready to check them out?

7 powerful beliefs about life that change my life

#1 Everything happens for a reason and a purpose

Don't stick to the victim role that always blaming others for your failure. It's your failure, not others. So why you blame others but never ask yourself what're your responsibilities for the failure. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose.

When things happened, not matter it's a success or failure, it's happened for a reason and a purpose. What you should do with them is learn from the events, ask yourself what can you learn through the past experiences. 

Every times when I face to failure, I'll think it as a good chance for me to learn from mistakes, that's the reason the failure happened. And its purpose is helping me to be a better person in future. This always allow me to calm myself down in order to think the ways to solve my problems.

#2 There is no such thing as failure,only results

As mentioned above, failures like the everything else, they happen for a reason and a purpose. Therefore, you better not thinking the failure as failure, it's only the results that you created. It may because you use the wrong method, or any kind of mistakes so lead to a result that fail to operate. That doesn't mean you're a loser, there's no such thing. After you change your method, or change your mindset (aka beliefs system) - beliefs about life, about money, about love, etc, the plan will work out.

The result doesn't say anything about you, it doesn't represent you're a successful person or an unsuccessful person. That simply is the result that you created. You need to know, result helps you to detect and adjust the unsuitable matters of the plan and allow you to correct them. After you action, the result will change. There's nothing as failure, merely result.

#3 Whatever happens,take responsibility

Don't escape from the responsibilities that you need to take, whatever happens, take responsibility. And remember, it's your responsibility, not others. Don't claim that the cause of failure is created by other people but not you so it's none of your business. You're one of the involved person, of course you've responsibility for the failure.

If you try to avoid to take responsibility, it's really not man enough in people's sight. This is one of the symptoms of victim syndrome — other's responsibility, not me. When your relationships failed, take responsibility. When your business failed, take responsibility. You've to admit they're your responsibility. If you want to improve any situation, first thing to do is admit it happened and take responsibility.

#4 It is not necessary to understand everything to use it.

Sometimes we want to achieve something we tend to wait until we learned everything to use. But it's some kind wasting of time normally. Did you heard before a real estate marketer need to learn how to build a house himself?

Does really someone who sells cars need to know how to build a car or fix a car? Not necessarily. I heard a story before, it's about the CEO of the Ford. Once there's a model of Ford's car has a big bug and caused someone died in a tragedy car crush. The CEO of Ford has been sued in the court, and the judge asked him, what are the structures of the car? And what bug exists in the car? 

The CEO said he did not know and he needed to refer to his technicians. The judge was angry after he heard what SEO said, "How could you don't know the details of car and sold them to the market?" He replied, "If I had to know all details, then why I employ my technicians?" The judge then speechless. 

I'm not sure is this a true story, but it reminds me that you don't need to know everything to make you success. You just need to know how to gather the resources together to help you success.

#5 People are our greatest resource

As you know we don't have to learn everything to be successful, but we have to know how to gather the needed resources in order to achieve the goal. And people are our greatest resource. 

For instance, if you lack of money, you can borrow from someone who will trust you and able to afford the amount that you need. If you lack of some skills, someone who knows the skills can help you to solve your problems. It's also called by some businessman as the power of leverage.

Sources of people are sources of money, if you know how to use people, then you'll gain the greatest leverage in your business. The Ford's story above is one of examples, you don't know about the details of cars, but technicians do, they're the leverage in the success of car business.

#6 Work is play

Work is play. This phrase explains clear enough the attitude you must have in your business or career. Don't consider your work as hard things in your life though, your must enjoy your work. If you realize that the job you've now is definitely not the thing that you enjoy about, then you may be have to think clearly about whether you want to change the job or not.

If you don't passionate about your career, your job, your business, then you'll never achieve high level of success in your work. Just think it as one of your hobbies, of course it's hard at some times, some points or some levels, and you can't feel the joyful but the stress, it's normal for everyone. Your passion will help you to across the barriers and go further towards the goal that you set.

#7 There is no abiding success without commitment

Commitment is paramount if you want to achieve your goals. And your commitment must come out from your heart sincerely. It's meaningless if your commitment is only a form of statement but not from your heart truthfully. Without commitment, you'll not able to stand longer if you've face the obstacles and you'll give up your work just to avoid the chances of failure.

You must committed to yourself that you'll do anything just to achieve your goals ( without offense anyone). If you don't passionate in your work, then it's hard for you to do such kind of commitment. Therefore, love your work or leave your work. If you want to be successful and enjoy the happiness of the success, then love what you do and commit to yourself, you'll succeed in a specific time, for example, a year, then hardworking to hit it. 

Above are the 7 beliefs about life that I collected for you to improve yourself in your life. Please learn these beliefs about life and apply them in your life. Your life will be very different from the moment when you ingrain them in your mind. In my free ebook Success Made Certain I have mentioned more other beliefs about life, go download it with link above if you haven’t. 

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