Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Women?

Many people know the fact that being mysterious is a way to trigger women's curiosity about you in order to attract them to like you. However, some people don't believe this fact, they suspect and debate about whether it works for all women or not. To know this answer, you have to understand the attraction psychology.

Our mind always tries to fill the missing gaps when there's lack of information. We would imagine the fake scenes in our mind so the situation can be explained. For instance, when there are one man and one woman walk side by side to watch movie together, and they speak to each other seemingly sweetly and happily, people around would imagine that they must be a couple.

But in fact, they are not more than siblings. The fact is merely a brother brings his younger sister to watch a movie for celebrating her birthday. People don't know their relationship, therefore, people would imagine that they are a couple to fill the gaps for explaining why they're watching movies together. Human's mind is very good at imagination to make things be explainable, sometimes, this is how misunderstanding happens.

Being mysterious to women you'll force them to think about you. They want to know more about you, why are you doing this and that, what did you experience, why you are not caring her.

If you're mysterious enough, women will want to know more about you eagerly, this triggers their interest in you. After some times, the interest turns into deep attachment hence they're attracted to you. See the detail explanation at PsychologyToday.

When women are filling up the gaps, chances are they'll fill up the gaps with positive scenes that meet their criteria of finding a mate. Unless you're not doing it right such as show her you're needy, clingy, insecure, jealous and other negative traits, otherwise they'll think the good side of you.

Being mysterious makes you different from other men in women's eyes, therefore, they'll think that you're a guy who is in control of himself. This is an attractive trait to women.

How can you be mysterious to her?

Now you know the fact that being mysterious works, so how can you be mysterious to her? In fact, being mysterious isn't that hard, you just have to be yourself truthfully. Do everything in your own term, you don't beg for other's agreement, you don't care about other's criticism, disagreement, and rejection

Because you know what you're doing. Doing everything in your own term you'll appear self-confident and masculine. When you completely control yourself, you'll be mysterious and attractive naturally. To reach this status, you need to know yourself clearly. See also: how to be assertive

However, to fully understand yourself is a long journey, below are the 7 alternative ways to help you appear mysterious to her. Enjoy.

7 ways for being mysterious to women

1. Be unpredictable

Don't be predictable to her. What I mean is don't always do the same thing to her. For instance, if you always appear in front of her whenever she calls you or needs you, you'll be very predictable. She'll expect you appear every time she calls you. This is not good. 

There's a myth that men believe they must always be around her to give her a sense of security and safety. However, this is wrong. Always being around her will make yourself seem like a clingy guy, this is very unattractive. If you always be nice to her, she will expect that you will not angry at her even if she did something wrong. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work. When you're being very predictable, your mysterious is dead completely. 

2. Do not be available all the time

According to the psychology, people love things which are scarce, things which are hard to attain and have rare sources. Therefore, if you're being available to her all the time, you'll be less valuable. This is the same in economic psychology, when there're too many supplies in the market, the demand will be lower which means the value will be lesser.

Therefore, don't be very available to her all the time. When something happens make you can't be around her, then let it be. You should save some times for yourself. If you're being very available all the time, you'll be predictable like mentioned above. In short, being available all the time will lose your mysterious. Instead, be uncertain.

3. Have different plans occasionally

Don't always plan to date with her. Instead, plan to hang out with your friends, go to the gym to workout, go for cycling, go for shopping, do your own stuff. You must have different plans occasionally.

Don't always say yes for every her dating request. Don't always change your plan for her if she asks you for going out. Instead, spare some times for yourself even if you have to refuse her request.

Just don't always hang out with her, you have your own space, privacy and time. There're still many things worth to discover. Willing to walk away implies that you're a confident, not clingy, and non-neediness guy. This will increase your mysterious.

4. Don't tell her everything

Don't tell her everything especially at the beginning stage, which you two only date a few times, both of you still don't know much about each other yet. Don't tell her everything at this stage, even if several stages after. You want to save something to yourself, don't reveal to her everything about you. Left things for her to find about you.

If you need to answer her question, answer her partially instead of the full picture. Don't tell her all the details, just straight to the point and tell the conclusion. It's even better if you answer her with humor. Make her laugh and let the question fades behind. Remember, maintain the level of her understanding about you no matter what stage you are in. Let her feel like you have many things for her to discover.

5. Tackle on new topics in conversation

When she and you are involving in a conversation, remember to change the topic regularly. Don't always stick to only a topic but chat for half an hour or even longer. For instance, you chat with her about the childhood, after 15 minutes, you change the topic to university lifestyle. You can change back to the topic of childhood again after another 15 minutes, or change to an entirely new topic. 

You want to give her the fresh impression, you're not a person who always follow a pattern without changing, you're unpredictable. Keep the conversation interesting, don't chat about the topics that most people chat about such as her job, life, family, etc. These are boring and may even turn her off. Be a leader in the conversation, don't wait for her to change the topic instead you change it yourself.

6. Be the silent type

To create mysterious, being silent is very important. There're many men try to impress women by talking about their achievement, hobbies, past experiences, etc. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes most men ever make. Instead of talking to her deliberately to impress her, you can impress her by showing your action as the saying said "action speaks louder than words".

Don't try to explain things in details and share details of your life to her even if she's willing to listen. If she requests you to do it, then change the topic or make fun of her. Keep you answer short and say only what is necessary. Control yourself if being silent is unnatural to you. You can improve your mysterious instantly just by being silent and this makes you look attractive in women's eyes.

7. Break the patterns

You want to break the patterns that you always practice before. You have to do things outside the box. Think outside the box, and act outside the box. In other words, be unreadable. No people can read your behaviors because you always behave strategically and randomly. When people want to stereotype you, they'll discover that you're always changing your patterns, they're unable to categorize what kind of a person you're.

This is not that easy, you want to learn many things in different areas. Without learning much knowledge, you'll limit your performance. You're unable to change your patterns because you don't know much of things, you'll remain in the box. Your imagination, creativity, and innovation will be limited too. If you always change to only certain patterns, you can be predictable and boring as patterns are always repeated.

Final words

Being mysterious is necessary to attract women. However, this is not a secret formula. You can't get women by simply being mysterious. You still have to consider other criteria of your partner's needs.

If you're mysterious to her and meet some of her needs at the same time, she'll be irresistibly attracted to you. Then you can learn more about her other needs when interacting with her.

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