These Are 10 Popular Reasons People Quit Being An Entrepreneur

Some people think that being an entrepreneur is great. There are many people give you advice to becoming an entrepreneur.

So, should you become an entrepreneur?

Why do you want to build your own business?

Many people tell you to start your own business doesn't mean you are suitable to do so.

It is very important to know why you want to become an entrepreneur at the first place.

If you don't know the real reason why you have to become an entrepreneur, chances are you will quit very soon.

You'll not have the kind of unstoppable motivation that most successful entrepreneurs have because you start businesses for wrong reasons, the great chance is you will give up way too early.

So in this article I'm going to tell you the truth of being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it's way more difficult than you think.

After analyzing my own entrepreneurial journey, I come up with 10 difficulties of doing entrepreneurial work and these are the reasons why people quit midway or not even dare to start.

These are popular reasons why people quit being an entrepreneur

There are 10 reasons. These are the things you must face when becoming an entrepreneur. 

You want to have a realistic understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. Otherwise, you may be one of the people who quit.

1. You face frustrations all the time

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as you think. It's not something you build it then you get it. Along the process, you will face frustrations all the time. These frustrations are not limited in your business but also your own life, your life will be totally different and sometimes you lost control of it.

In most cases, you'll don't have enough time for your own things at the early stage. You don't have much time for leisure like watching TV or playing video games. Your financial aspect can also be affected because you don't earn enough for your living.

So you face frustrations not only mentally but also physically and emotionally. This is the reality, frustrations are everywhere. If the reason for starting a business is not strong enough, you will quit when you realize there are many unexpected difficulties ahead of you.

2. You don't know how things will look like

Until the end of the day, you never know how things will look like. Some people don't like the feeling of being clueless so they quit. They like things that are certain and can be expected. But nothing is a guarantee. Being an entrepreneur you have to trust in yourself at the end of the day that everything will be fine.

That is a kind of gut feeling that you will get it no matter what. You'll go for it even if you don't know how it is gonna be because you believe in your own vision.

3. Limitless uncertainties

Like mentioned, you don't know how things will look like, there are limitless uncertainties in the business world. For example, there are fast changes in technologies, economies, trends, interests, currencies, so and so on. When there are too many uncertainties, you can be confused. When comes to this issue, an effective goal setting is very important to direct yourself to the direction you want to go.

4. There's no real off day

There's no real off day for being an entrepreneur. You'll think about your business every second even if you are going to sleep. I think about my own businesses all the time, when eating meals, taking baths, watching TV, waiting someone, and the list goes on.

If you are working 9-5, you stop thinking about it after 5 pm. You're off from your job, and in weekend you got two off days. But doing your own business you won't have any off day. That's the truth that most people won't know.

5. This is a long battle

If you are going to do something big: build a 5 figure monthly income business, build a world-class reputation, be an expert on something or else. You often do it for a very long time before getting any recognition.

Any world level business/project/skill would need to build/do/practice consistently to reach that level. People who just start their business may think it would be fast to reach the break even point but the reality is not. So be ready to get into a long fight as being an entrepreneur.

6. You get lost somewhere

In this long entrepreneurial journey, it's not odd that you get lost somewhere. Maybe you have tried something but it doesn't work. Maybe you have implemented a new strategy but you don't get the effect that you want. So you start suspecting yourself, are you doing things correctly?

There are many new things or shiny objects will get your attention. Since you have been doing your own business for a long time but haven't succeeded yet, you might think to change new project to do. But the secret to success is to be persistent, if you want to be successful, don't quit easily.

7. Self-motivating is your lifestyle

You face frustrations all the time. So there are times you want to motivate yourself. In addition to finding out your big why for motivation, you will need to find ways to motivate yourself. You can ready others' success stories, read motivational quotes, watch motivational videos or listening to motivational music. 

When you find that you are improving, you'll gain self-confidence, in which will become a source of motivation for you. Being an entrepreneur, self-motivating is your lifestyle.

8. You must never stop learning

Doing your own business is a never stop learning journey. You have to do your best in every aspect of your business to achieve massive success.

In the early stage, most people will do things themselves which should be done by different people. You may want to do the designing yourself, you want to buy things yourself, you want to do marketing yourself, you want to do accounting yourself, you want to do the management yourself, so and so on.

Without constantly improving yourself you can't do so many things alone. Self-improvement is very important as being an entrepreneur.

9. Your self-confidence can be torn off

You gain self-confidence when you improve, but you lose self-confidence when you are stagnant. In this entrepreneurial journey, failures are very common. No one becomes successful without failures. Failure is the mother of success.

If you don't have solid self-confidence or strong inner game, your self-confidence can be torn off. I always feel lack confidence and need to be motivated in doing my project. This is inevitable as an entrepreneur.

10. You have to keep fighting to make business sustainable

Being an entrepreneur you have to keep fighting. Even if you face frustration, don't know how things will look like, no off day, get lost, lack confidence, and no motivation, you still have to keep learning and fighting.

This is the reality. Every expert starts from a beginner. To become an expert, you have to deliberately practice for years. But practicing itself won't make you become successful, you got to practice smart. That's why I provide action guides for you to get started.

Everything has both sides.

Being an entrepreneur and doing your own business is great, but there are also some difficulties or disadvantages existing. The 10 difficulties listed above are a part of doing business, if you want to become an entrepreneur, then accept them and take the challenge.

What is your choice? 

So what is your choice? There are only two options... Working for yourself or working for others.

1. Do your own work that you love (Seems risky.)

The first option is being an entrepreneur. As mentioned, this option will suck sometimes. The common things among successful entrepreneurs are sleepless nights, lots of challenges, roller-coaster emotions, tough decisions, stress, and numerous uncertainty.

However, the rewards are billion times worth the efforts. You feel fulfilled and happiness which are priceless. The only problem is your success is not being guaranteed.

2. Working for others (Seems safe.)

The second option is being an employee. So what's its difference with the first option?

The answer is the same. There will also be sleepless nights, lots of challenges, roller-coaster emotions, tough decisions, stress, and numerous uncertainty. And the success is not being guaranteed too.

The only difference is, you might never feel happy and might regret when you get old.

Nothing is easy

Do you see it? My friend.

Nothing in life is easy, neither being an entrepreneur nor being an employee.

The main point is you want to live a life that you won't regret. Don't settle for what is lower than your standard. Just do what it takes to do work you love.

You want to take action as soon as possible, especially when you are still in your twenties. You'll have more responsibilities after turning 30, it's better to start your own business before 30.

The longer you wait, the harder for you to do work you love.

To your success.

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