Be The Man You Want To Be Right Now

Feeling you don't like yourself? Chances are this is because you fail to be the man you want to be.

Many guys don't like themselves because they don't think they are being a man they want to be. They are not satisfied with themselves, they know they have many flaws, however they simply hate themselves but do nothing with it.

Many guys feel they are inferior to the women they like, they are not good enough, they don't have confidence in themselves, they afraid women will reject them and so on.

These guys are unattractive in women's eyes. And they know this deeply. That's why they hate themselves: they hate their appearance, they hate their negativity, they hate their personalities, they hate whatever in themselves.

Some guys know they are unattractive, but they don't understand what is attractive to women, so they don't care too much even though they know there are flaws in them. This makes them even more unconfident in many areas of life.

In fact, what are attractive to women and men have been wired in our reptilian brain. Men's and women's attraction triggers are different. By simply understanding these differences will give you a huge advantage in attracting women.

Differences between men and women

In triune brain concept, men and women have different reptilian brain. Reptilian brain controls your everything at instinctual level included sex. The triggers for men to get attracted to women and triggers for women to get attracted to men are different.

Simply put, men get turned on by good-looking women. Those women who have beauty face, sexy body, soft voice, etc are attractive to men. And men are not necessary to know them personally. We can feel very intense sexual attraction to a hot woman even if we know nothing about her.

Whereas women's attraction triggers are more complicated than men. Women's brain is wired to be attracted to men who have highest value, their brain drives them to mate with the best man possible.

This is one major different between men and women, women are wired to mate with the best man possible, in contrast, men are wired to mate with as many suitable (aka: hot) women as possible.  

In other words, if you want to be wanted by a woman then you want to be the best man around her.

Mate choice copying

But how do women know you are the best man?

There's an instinct ability in animals and human called "mate copying".

The exact words from Wikipedia:

Mate choice copying is said to occur when the likelihood that one individual (the "observer" or "focal individual") will mate with a particular individual (the "target") increases or decreases based upon observing a sexual interaction between the "target" and another individual.

This means that women would observe and heard how other women feel for a man and form her own feelings and thoughts about that man. Social signals are an important factor for women to judge a man and this will affect the attractiveness of the man.

If a man is attractive and wanted by many women then other women would think there must be something in him. And this mysterious would leads to thinking that he was the best man around.

Since women brain is wired in the way to get the best genes possible, women would be attracted to that man. Women are attracted to men who rank high in the social environment. 

Therefore, if you want to attract women there's no another way other than being an objectively quality guy. 

This website will be a resource for you to be an objectively awesome man in many life areas.

What are you gonna do about it?

Now you know that being a quality man is the solution to get success with women. So what are you gonna do about it?

A man is defined by his strengths. What are you strengths? 

A man also is defined by his weaknesses. What are your weaknesses?

You want to be good at understanding yourself, keep or improve your strengths and remove all weaknesses as many as possible. In other words, constant improvement is the key.

You must change and improve yourself and realize that this is a never-ending hero's journey

There's an outline you can follow to start eliminating your weaknesses.

  1. Firstly, you have to recognize a weakness within yourself, and admit it. Don't give any excuse to yourself, it's your weakness and you have to remove it.
  2. Then you want to find the solution to your weakness. Seek out expert advice, do research online, read books regarding your weakness, attend seminars and the list goes on.
  3. Be humble. Don't try to challenge the advices you get from others. Listen to all advices you get with an open mind.
  4. After that, set a goal and make a plan to follow so you can start making progress and track your progress.
  5. Start step 1-4 again on your next weakness.

Every expert was once a beginner. Start action today.

Some people said it's hard to recognize your weakness by yourself. In fact, this is not true. Chances are, you already know what your weaknesses are. 

Your weaknesses are the things that make you self-conscious. You have a strong feeling about it, it's the things that you likely to neglect or make excuses because you want to protect your ego. You know on some level you are not happy with those things, and deep down you buried them in your subconscious mind. You don't care about them, you aren't really working to change them, and when you think about them you feel emotional or helpless.

Those things are your weaknesses that you escape to face them. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your looks, style, fitness, health, wealth, ability to attract women and you name it. Be a man, face it. 

For success with women, you want to build your strengths on the things that matter to attract women. See: the 10 big areas to improve to be successful with women

Be the man right now

The intent I write this article is because some guys just escape from facing those things that matter to them and suffer for the rest of their life. 

You deserve to have a life that you want. You have to build it. No one else is going to do it for you except yourself. And time won't help to turn you into anyone you want to be. You need to put into the efforts.

You know what you need to fix. You know you are not satisfied with your current self. You know you just need to take the first step. And you know the result is worth the efforts. So what are you waiting for?

You can be the man you want to be right now. It's just as simple as, now or never.

What are you going to fix?

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