How to Be Persistent In Your Passion And Get Success

The key attitude to achieve great achievement is to be persistent on making progress.

Like the saying said:

"No great achievement is possible without persistent work." –  Bertrand Russell

I was struggled with doing the work that I suppose to do everyday. I'm not sure why, I can't finish the work that I have set for myself. I thought it was because I did not set my goals well. So I learn how to set a goal.

I thought it may because I have bad time management skills. So I learn tips on time management. Learning goal setting and time management was skyrocketed my productivity and I finish more with less effort.

However, I still give up some work.

There are some projects that I have started a while but abandon later. Not because I loss interest on those projects, not because of procrastination issues.

Since learning time management, procrastination is a part of learning. My problem is not about procrastination. Even if I procrastinate, I will do the work eventually.

My problem is, sometimes I feel like I want to give up. I want to quit. I want to change other thing to do. 

Whenever I think of this, I know my mind is in chaos and needed to empty my mind.

Are you struggling with the same problem as mine? Fighting to be persistent in work?

Nowadays many people would choose instant gratification instead of delayed gratification. For them, quitting something is a lot easier than doing something. The reason for quitting is because they face hardships, discomfort and uncertainty.

In the hero's journey, fears and doubts are always holding you back to achieve the great achievement that you are deserve. There are barriers, obstacles and hurdles are blocking on your journey, and this is inevitable.

However, as mentioned, you can't achieve great achievement without persistence. Although there are obstacles on the road, but persistence is simply going against those obstacles.

Some people would think someday the situation will change itself rather than take action actively to change the situation. Things don't work in this way, if you don't take action, problem will just remain there. Or worse, the problem grows bigger and more serious.

If you face the problem, the problem is already solved half. But if you escape the problem, the problem will be doubled. Don't wait for things to change. Successful people never wait their life change itself.

Whenever you have a thought you want to quit the work, listen to your heart carefully, listen to the voice in your brain. The voice inside that constantly whispers "I can't" in your brain makes you lost the power to keep working towards success. You should pay attention to it, understand it's because you have doubts and fears, and you need to silent the voice.

How to be persistent and get success

Identify your wants and needs

First of all, you should identify your wants and desires. Before you want to be persistent in your work, you should know what you want to achieve, what is your passion, what success means to you.

Without knowing your wants and desires, "being persistent in work" has nothing to do with you. 

Know your big why

You need to figure out the BIG WHY. Why you want to achieve this? Why it's important to you? What if you can't achieve it? When you know the BIG WHY, you get a source for inspiration and keep yourself motivated.

Outline your definite action plan

Then you want to outline your definite action step. According to your goals that you have set, you need to simplify and break it down to daily basis so you can execute thing everyday. In other words, you need to make your goals actionable on daily basis. 

See: 7 steps to set actionable and achievable goals.

When you have a concrete daily plan to work to achieve your goals, success is not far from you. This is where the magic starts to spin in.

You want to make your daily work a default behavior. Do you know that our behaviors help to shape our personalities? For instance, if you always laugh, you'll be an optimist person. It's that simple.

Therefore, if you keep doing something, it'll be a part of your life so you don't need to force yourself to do it. For example, taking bath is something you'll do naturally everyday. You don't need to force yourself or use willpower to do it. 

When you integrate your work into your daily routine day after day, it becomes your personality, a part of you, a habit. This associates your identity with your work and from there, it's much easier for you to follow the daily routine.

In short, make your daily work a default behavior, it'll become your habit eventually. You'll do it everyday naturally.

The secret to be persistent

So you know the importance of being persistent. But how? It's not complicated. Just don't break the chain!

This productivity advice is from Jerry Seinfeld. Whenever he finished the work of the day, he will use a big red marker pen to cross the particular day on a wall calender. Just keep at it, a few days later you'll have a chain. And the chain grows longer day after day.

After some times this approach will become so natural that you no longer need to remind yourself to grow the chain. I know sometimes you have bad day. However, you still just show up anyway. Be persistent is just that simple.

Here's a website DontBreakTheChain provides exactly the calender system that Seinfeld had used. It's free. Just sign up and start your chain today.

There are several things you should take note when making progress to achieve the great achievement.

Aware the excuses 

You may stop midway if you give yourself excuses. This will make your give up seemingly reasonable. So you don't feel guilty from giving up. Excuses like "I can't because I don't have time.", "I can't because I don't have money" blah blah blah are totally BS. Don't be fool with these excuses.

Do what works for you

Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You need to be persistent to be successful. However, if the methods don't work but you use the same methods over and over again, you are just an idiot.

Instead, you should change your way when you fail and learn from every attempt. You'll refine your way until it works for you.

Time management

There are many activities for you everyday. If you don't have good time management skills, chances are you are hard to stick to your daily routine. So you cannot be persistent in your work. Be focus every time when you start working. See: best time management system ever.

Be confident

You should be confident in your work that you will achieve what you want. It's a long journey to fight for, many people will put you down, obstacles are never ending. No matter how hard is the situation, believe in yourself, you are going to make it. Don't listen to what others said, most people don't think from your shoes. See also: why rejection doesn't make sense.

Here is a video that created by Karen shows you the power to be persistent in your work. This video inspires me to keep pursuing what I want, because I believe hard work will get pay off eventually.

At last, just to remind you. To be persistent in your passion and get success, your only task is... you guessed it...don’t break the chain!

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