You Have to Know These 3 Basic Principles of Attracting a Woman

Are you feeling frustrated because you don't know the keys to attracting a woman?
Do you think that you're not attractive to women?
Do you think that you're not able to get women's attention?

Many guys are (were) wondering that what kind of approach can attract any woman rapidly and effortlessly. Therefore, they started to seek online and offline for 'secret recipe' of attracting a woman.

However, what probably they could find online and offline is so-called 'pickup materials' - "canned materials", "cold reading", "magic tricks", and "opening talk". So they learn all these 'secret tricks' and hope that they can start to attract women.

In fact, learning attraction to women is a part of personal development, there's no quick fixes, I'm sorry to tell you this. But there're many guys don't want to learn things gradually to really improve their own attractiveness, they learn quick ways to fake and cheat themselves, being dishonest to themselves and women and hope women will fall in love with them.

Things are not that easy. Most dating and relationships that you learn from 'pickup artists' (PUA) will bring you to extreme approach such as dating with many women at the same time, dating with as many women as you can for practicing attraction, create pseudo-mask in front of others to demonstrate your high value, etc. None of these are your real self.

You want your woman love your genuine self, but you don't know how to be your real self to attract women, you subconsciously don't think that you deserve to get the women you like if you are being your real self.

Or maybe you're so unconfident to yourself that if you don't learn all these things, you don't feel a sense of safety and security to approach women?

There're also some guys tend to another extreme approach that is they only want to attract their "the one". You will have chance if you learn how to attract women with being your genuine self which is without manipulating and cheating women, but the result is not necessarily that you can get "the one" you loved.

So here want to reveal the 3 core principles of foundation of attraction to you. You may have heard these 3 core principles before, however, 'knowing' and 'doing' are different things. You want to internalize all these 3 principles in your dating and relationships if you want to be successful with women.

3 core principles of attracting a woman 

Men and women are different

The first principle, understand that men and women are different. Men and women have different wired brain in the perspective of dating and relationships. They have different thinking way when come to loving relationships.

We all know this fact, however, there're still many guys hope women will be more like men, this is unrealistic. This is because they haven't really understand how feminine psychology works.(Click here to see what feminine psychology is if you are wandering.)

Men are genetically being more competitive, dominant, and other masculine traits. In contrast, women are being more feminine like seeking for a sense of safety and security, tending, bonding and nurturing as I described in my free book.

Therefore, when women have odds and ridiculous thoughts, men should be tolerance with them, because that's the nature of women.

Men who forget this principal feel angry and anxiety when approaching women because things are going toward out of expectations. They feel like things are out of controlling and they afraid about losing their dream women.

They don't remember women are more emotional than men, women's thoughts and emotions are more fluctuated than men. Therefore, they're not grounded and behave according to women's emotion and behavior. This loses your attraction instantly because you're not being yourself and seemingly you're a wussy.

Internalize this fact in your mind, men and women are literally different. You want to respect women's odds, bizarre and 'cute' thoughts, their mind are not the same as men who think more logically, they think more emotionally and link many different things together, they're more sensitive to things around them.

That's why often been said women have great sixth sense, they're able to catch subtlety things which men are more slow to catch. I've explained more about men and women's instincts in my free book.

Women are attracted to men because they’re men

Nowadays men are being more feminine than before, they're cloying tendency to ‘befriend’ women. In my article the common problems men have with women I've explained men are being more feminine due to soap operas and modern-day media.

Many men lost their direction about what kind of role they should play when facing women. This result in most of them follow the steps of their dream women -  if women are happy, they are happy; if women are sad, they are sad.

Since women's emotion is always fluctuated, their mood is like roller coaster. If your woman is happy at this minute, it's not weird that if she becomes sad later.

Remember, men and women are different. You want to be a man, your mood is not supposed be like women's emotion which is so 'roller coaster'. You must be grounded and confident when approaching women.

Feminine is attracted to masculine, therefore, women like men who are 'men'. However, Mr.nice guys, wussy, needy and clingy guys are not included. See also: why being nice to her doesn't work?

That's why you have heard a lot about why women like bad guys instead of nice guys. Bad guys portrayed masculine traits such as mysterious, confident, dominant, and challenging. See: why women love bad guys

You don't want to pretend as you're a 'man', because women are talented to know your subtly emotions and thoughts. If you're pretending, she knows it instantly. You want to be a real man, be yourself truthfully. Pretending is the same as manipulating and cheating her, this ruins yours loving relationship undoubtedly.

Don’t get obsessive

One of the unchangeable key rules is 'don't get obsessive'. You don't want to treat the woman you liked as the "big one", if you do so, you're reasonably inevitable to lose your attraction because you'll behave like a wussy automatically – buy her flowers, presents, drinks, be her driver and care her more than yourself.

I know the fact that when you're falling in love with a woman this is normal to happen. However, you should control yourself instead of control by her.

Non-neediness is one of the personalities that attracts women, this makes her think of you uncontrollably. She can't control herself not to think of you, because you're so mysterious to her. See also: how to be a bad guy without being a jerk.

Many guys give away their power to women, it's like let her sit at your vehicle's driver sit and let her decide where should you go. This is very submissive and feminine, you're not meant to her a real man.

Non-attachment not only show her you're not a needy and clingy guy, but also subtly let her know that you have plenty of options. You are seemingly into her, but you're not stick to her. She will be wondering that why you are seemingly interested in her but not taking any action yet. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to cultivate an attitude of apathy in order to attract her to love you. I'm telling you that you should be yourself even if you're into her – do your things if you have something to do, go gathering with your friends if you want, say 'No' to her if you don't want to come out.

Never give away all your power to her even if you love her very much, don't love her until you lost yourself. Period.

Final words

You must be aware that women are different than men, they're emotional and illogical sometimes. The last thing you want to do with woman is follow her behind, when she cries, you cry; she's happy, you're happy.

Don't try to be her therapist, if you do you'll just act like her another female friend. Instead, you want to be a real man. Women are attracted to men because they're 'men'. Don't get obsessive even if you're into her. Don't be a so called nice guy, instead be a bad boy but not be a jerk. 

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Rio Yee is the Founder of WealthyLoveLife and is super passionate about helping people change their mind and take action to improve your important areas in life such as dating & relationships, personal finance and productivity.


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