How to Deal With Anxiety Around Women

Many modern men have issues about anxiety around women, they feel anxious when they're facing a woman they're attracted to. Are you feeling the same when you're facing someone you like very much?

If you're dealing with other women, you don't feel anxious. You can be smooth, charming, and relaxing. But when you meet someone you're attracted to, you're most likely turn to be anxious for it. 

If the outcome of dealing with her is not what you've expected, you may get upset, angry at yourself, feel helpless and frustrated.

You know the fact that nervousness is a cause that holding you back to be successful with women. It influences you to be smooth and relaxed, you don't feel natural when interacting with her, you feel uncomfortable and awkward. You wish you can overcome anxiety when dealing with your dream woman.

Well, this is something very normal. This happens for every guy when he's dealing with a woman he's attracted to, feeling she's the best treasure that god send to him, she is so beautiful like an angel. If time can be controlled, you wish the time can stop at the moment you're enjoying and feeling excited with her.

I know that, she's so special to you. You know she's so worthy for you to fight for and she's the one you'll marry and live happily ever after with. Therefore, you want to eliminate this annoy anxious feeling that holding you back to succeed with her.

But how to deal with the anxiety around women? In the following, I have several ways to help you to decrease your anxious feelings when dealing with your woman. Read on.

Ways to deal with anxiety around women

Convince yourself not to be anxious

This way is the most popular way. You can convince yourself not to be anxious when you're around her. 

Use your imagination at here, you know the fact that there's no one is perfect in this world. Although your woman perhaps is as nearly as perfect, but she must has flaws, she must has something that's terrible.

Perhaps she's very timid, she's bad at singing, she's a life idiot, she doesn't know how to cook, do some investigation and use your imagination freely at here. 

You already know she has many strong points, you want to find out some of her weak points but which are your strong points, so you feel you're better than her, thus you'll be less anxious and less view her as goddess. 

Use the power of say "No", say "No" to the anxious feeling. Don't let your emotion dominants your intellect, use logical thinking to understand that, this feeling is normal, and you won't be controlled by it. 

Say "No" to it and allow this emotion leaves away. I've wrote how to listen to and and say "No" in my book regarding personal boundaries.

The world will not come to an end

Realize the fact that, if you mess up with her, it's not the end of the world. Many guys feel bad and struggled because they're afraid of messing up the whole things. 

That's why they're so careful when dealing with her, that's why they're so constrain themselves in front of her, this is the reason why you don't be able to feel relaxed and smooth when she's around.

Don't afraid of messing up the whole things. Well, I'm not saying that you want to do anything that makes your situation bad, but you want to be yourself. Do whatever you want to do, even though she doesn't want. Don't change your decision because of her.

If she doesn't agree with you, that's okay, because you're being yourself. Let her know you're grounded, you know what you want and you won't easily be influenced by others. She'll feel you're someone who is reliable and trustable. This will increase your attractiveness to her. 

So, remember, even though you mess up everything, the world won't come to an end. Be yourself truthfully.

Don't fight with your feeling

Like mentioned earlier, feeling anxious is very normal when you're dealing with a woman you're attracted to. Our emotions are control by our mammal brain, the feeling arouse automatically. So, don't fight with your feeling. Instead, say "No" to it and then just leave it away.

In fact, when you're feeling anxious around a woman, that's a good news for you. That means you have meet a woman that's really amazing to you. 

You won't feel many times of this kind of feeling in your life. There're many woman you feel really beautiful, but none of them make you feel amazing, being anxious and brain stuck when you're dealing with. 

So, you want to feel gratitude you've meet someone makes you feel anxious. Be your best self to face this amazing woman.

Don't view your emotion as anxiety 

This anxious feeling implied that you're already into her. In fact, it's not a bad emotion. Don't view it in this way. This is because this woman is so fascinating, she's so amazing, so this feeling is actually excitement. You feel excited about this woman.

You want to meet her more times, enjoy more times with her, have some happy memories with her. That's so excited and wonderful, right? If you don't ever have this feeling for a woman, that's so boring in your life. 

Embrace and enjoy the excitement, be funny and happy whenever you're around her. You must be more attractive than those guys who are so cool and never get nervous around her. You can take my words for this.

Be grounded and confident are not conflicted with being excited. Some people are confused about if they want to be a guy who is confident in himself then he should behave like a cool guy, which is less emotional. If he is being excited it will be seemed like he's into her and not being a challenge to her. 

Actually this is not conflicting at all. Instead, it increases your attractiveness because you'll ooze enthusiasm and energy when you're around her.

Enjoy, listen to your heartbeat, remember the feeling

When you're getting excited (anxious), enjoy and embrace it. Listen to your heartbeat, notice your breathing, feel the adrenaline surging throughout your veins, and remember all the feelings. 

This feeling is probably the best feeling in a loving relationship. It's really nothing to worry about. You won't loss her if you feel excited.

What will make you loss her is your mindset and behaviors. If you behave like a wussy, she doesn't feel attracted to you. Or you are "being nice" to her, buy her gifts, drinks, flowers and others, you'll be a nice guy and being placed in the friend zone. See being nice to her doesn't work

Don't risk your loving relationship with doing mistakes. Don't drive by the anxiety to do wrong things, you must know the nature of attraction (Download my free book)

In short

Remember, you should convince yourself not to be anxious around women and remember the world won't come to an end if you mess up the whole things. 

In fact, feeling anxious is a good thing because you have meet someone that makes you anxious and tense, she's so awesome and amazing to you, you feel excited that you have meet her. 

Embrace the excited feeling and be your best self to deal with her. You just need to be careful don't make stupid mistake in the relationships. 

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