How To Accomplish Tasks Efficiently With Less Stress

Are you struggling to accomplish tasks efficiently?

Do you feel there're too many tasks to do but don't know what to do first?

Have you wondered why you are not making too much progress even though you're working so hard?

First of all, questions above are provided that you have goals to achieve but you don't know how to manage yourself to finish things on time.

It's very relevant to your time management and goal setting. I'm assuming you have set your goals and now you are finding ways to improve your performance.

If you don't have goals, "how to fini

sh your tasks" is nothing to do with you because you don't have a direction in your life.

You must set your goals first, make sure they're aligning with your passion, and follow with goal setting guidelines without making serious mistakes.

After all, you need to make your goals actionable.

When you're making goals actionable, you'll break down and simplify your goals into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Then you manage your time and defeat your procrastination to start on making progress.

So here comes to a problem that most people will meet which can slow down their progress - Which task to do first will bring me the highest opportunities and benefits?

You may have many things to do at your to-dos list. However, you may not realize that the things you do are not helping you to get closer to your final goals.

In other words, you may waste your time even though you've done lots of things at your to-dos list. You don't know how to prioritize your tasks.

Which are the most important things that you have to take action as fast as you can? What things are not making progress simply wasting your time?

This is why many people are making their progress very slowly.

They can finish the things in a very short time like 3-4 days, but they finish them for 1-2 weeks.

They do things without prioritize their goals make them do other things that are not bringing many benefits to them, and make things become more complicated instead simplify them.

If you know how to prioritize your tasks, you will shorten your time to achieve your goals, you'll get more with do lesser, your return on invest (ROI) per day will be higher, and you'll become a high-achiever.

In contrast, without prioritize you can suffer from wasting your time on unproductive things, making progress very slowly like a tortoise, and giving up midway because you feel you can't do it.

You have to prioritize your tasks if you want to be successful.

Don't make yourself lost a sense of confidence and feel disappointed.

Here's how you can accomplish tasks efficiently

Importance and Urgency 

Basically, in prioritization system there are four kinds of tasks:

  • Not Important and Not Urgent
  • Not Important and Urgent
  • Important and Not Urgent
  • Urgent and Important

Not Important and Not Urgent (NINU)

Normally NINU tasks are merely distractions. They should be avoided if it's allowed.

Most of them are the things that help to entertain you but do not bring many benefits to you such as watching television, surfing Facebook, and checking email.

The tasks which other people assign to you also categorize in this category, because they're assigned tasks. They are not aligning with your personal goals.

You have to control your personal boundaries when other people assign tasks to you, say "No" as possible as you can. So you won't have to do what you shouldn't have to.

Sometimes it's not allowable to say "No" because the task is compulsory. For example, the assignment which is given by your tutor accounted for 10 marks of the final result.

10 markes are relatively not very significant, so it's not so important. The assignment needs to hand in at the end of the semester, it's not urgent either. Therefore it's a NINU task.

You should get started to finish the assignment as soon as possible so it doesn't become urgent in the end of semester.

Not Important and Urgent (NIU)

Not important and urgent things are merely interruptions.

Interruptions will always hold you back from achieving your goals.

There're three ways you can eliminate interruptions.

First, reschedule your tasks to another time so they're not urgent anymore.

Second, delegate them to other people who can help you.

Third, this one is preferred, finish things in-between other things when you had the time. So you can concentrate on things that are important.

Important and Not Urgent (INU)

What tasks are categorized as INU tasks?

Your important goals.

Because normally your important goals are long-term and need a long time to achieve them. You also need constant improvement along the journey. 

You'll need to plan your tasks by breaking down your big goals into doable chunks. So you can do things in your own pace without being overwhelmed with plenty of works.

One thing you want to take note is that you have to be committed to your plan to avoid doing things at the last minute. Avoid all kind of distractions and always make sure you are on the track.

Once you have a plan, don't wait, get started as soon as possible. This is how you can get results like a machine.

Urgent and Important (UI)

This last category consists of urgent and important activities. There're two distinct types of urgent and important activities, one is that you can't foresee, another is those things that you wait until last minute to do. They're critical activities.

For the first type of issue are the things that you can't foresee, something that happen suddenly without any symptoms, that's why you have to left some flexible time zone (#4 time management tips) for yourself. In case there's something happen not in your planning and without your expectation, you can take action immediately. Time management should not be rigid, instead it has to be flexible.

For the things that you wait until last minute to do, you should not wait until this period. This is not where your time should be spending on. You want to spend as much time as possible on "important and but not urgent" issues.

Step-by-step prioritization system 

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” - Eisenhower 

So now you know the differences every category in urgent/important matrix. I believe you already have some ideas on how to set your tasks' priority. Lets see how is the prioritization system going.

Focus on highest leverage activities

After setting goals and making them actionable, you have a list of things what you should do to reach your goals. You have to focus on the highest leverage activities, that brings you the most valuable return. Highest leverage activities are the important but not urgent activities. Then you have to avoid any distractions (not important and not urgent) and interruptions (not important and urgent), so your productivity will not decrease. 

Don't procrastinate your highest leverage activities, so them become important and urgent later, you will be rushing to finish the tasks and making yourself stress. This is when panic starts to set in.

Remember and remind yourself where you'd like to be in 10 years

Constantly improving and changing yourself is essential to make your future life different from now. If you don't take any action, and repeat what currently you're doing, after 10 years you're not much different from now. Or you'll be falling behind your peers. Is this what you want? 

Always remember and remind yourself where you'd like to be in 10 years. Don't forget what is your motivation. Don't forget the struggling and suffering moment in your past. Why you want to achieve your goals? You must keep yourself motivated. See 16 ways to get motivated on Zenhabits 

What activities will give you highest probability of achieving those 10 years goals?

Always relate your daily progress with your 10 years goals. Are you doing activities that will give you the highest probability of achieving your goals? Review what you've done daily to prevent yourself from distracting your tasks. Although you've set priorities, it's probably you'll still go inverse way because of not focusing on your highest leverage activities. Focus is the most important element in prioritization system. 

If you prioritize your tasks and follow the step-by-step system, chances are you'll accomplish tasks efficiently with less stress. Write your comments below to let me know if you have thoughts on how you can accomplish your tasks efficiently with less stress.


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